*1959 September 11 – Dad’s note to Grandmother about $ troubles

letter to mother’s mothe

September 11, 1959

from Bill

Since Mil wrote this we’ve been talking it over.  She’s been so busy during the day, and so tired when we get home, that we haven’thad much time to figure things out.  We’ll mail this now, with the understanding that we may change our minds and write you something different next week.

I’ve been trying to re-finance the Jeep through the Credit Union here at work.  There’s no use trying to fool you – you know how tings are.  We owe $625 on it, and can only borrow $450, and that only by paying about $40 that we’re behind in our present Credit Union payments.  I’ve lost all pride in asking you for loans – you already own everything we have – but if you can send us $300 more I think we can get things straightened out and reduce our payments so that we can pay it back.

I’ve found a place where I can get used tires for the truck, and I intend to fix it up and take it to town as soon as I can to try and sell it.

As Mil says, I spent last Sunday and Monday discing, and she followed with the seeding.  So by Monday nite it was all planed and what a relief.  We were beginning to wonder if it would ever get done – but now it is and there’s one less thing to worry about.

You’ll hear from us next week.  Love, Bill

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