*1963 – September 6 – Dad’s Letter to Mother


Friday, September 6, 1963

Dearest Mildred,

I’m writing this at work, so it will get mailed today, but I won’t be able to write much.

I’ve been checking on travel.  I have to go down my MATS, and they only fly on Tues. and Thurs. nites.  It looks like the earliest I could leave would be Thurs. the 19th.  That way I’d probably get there the 21st, but I’ll have to check downtown on connections.

I’ve been considering the possibility of buying a new Jeep Station Wagon and driving it back.  I have a price list from a discount dealer in Portland, Ore., and I could pick it up on the way down, but we’d have to sell the Chev. In San Francisco so why don’t you look around ——————- Here’s where I was when you called!  I’ll make a list of the models and extras we’d want, and you can check on prices.  So much for that.

I was going to mail this now, but I’ll have to wait until I get back to the room tonite to get the check book.  This card is to get an absentee ballot for the borough election on the seventeenth.  Just sign it and mail it, as it has to be in Juneau by the 13th.  If I find that I’ll be leaving before then, I can pick one up here – but I can’t get one for you.  If you get the ballot, vote NO on the borough, but vote for the people as you please just in case it passes.

I’d better close now and get back to work, but I’ll write again tomorrow nite after I get back.

I love you always, Bill.

Thanks for calling, and I’m glad you feel that way about the homestead.  That’s just the way I feel too.  Bill


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