*Grandmother’s 7-6-1960 Letter to Mother

July 6, 1960

Letter from grandmother to mother

Just to send love – (Stupid letter but it says “I’m up”)

Dearest Mildred,

I don’t want to write I want to talk to you!  I seemed to come to life when I hear your voice of [sic] the telephone.  I was so “droopy” when your call came, but have tried very hard to shake the weak-voiced mood.  How did you ever suspect that I was sick, real sick?  Thought I had “covered up” so very completely by warning you about the heavy moving job!

Now I’m worried because I haven’t heard since last week.  We both now know what even a “shortie” means in the mail.

Hope your weather is good.  Week-end was lovely here but I was too weak-kneed to drive even to Charlie’s.  But he insisted on coming to take me to sit in the sun.  Guess it did me good because would have tried to “putter” around here.  You can imagine – the garage full of books, papers, magazines and bags, desks, etc.  Must try to sell them next week-end.

You have done wonderfully on prices.  Hated to hear of you selling T.V. etc, but right now it doesn’t seem as important as it would have a year ago.  I’m all for getting settled with necessities for the moment.  Like you, the “bathroom” seems much more important than T.V.  We rarely look at it anyhow.  The radio is no better.

Wish, wish we could “look in” on each other to-morrow!  I can imagine your heel-tap.  From the kitchen window I look out at mountains here too.  In morning sun streams in the kitchen.  When I look at mountains I think of you all and Anchorage.  Pretty.

Really “the place” is very ordinary – not much more than Aunt Lucy’s first floor, but it is homey and convenient.  Easy for people to find.  Central for shopping too.  Quite a contrast to #1339, I tell you.  But much less work too!

Hasn’t it been awful the way my sicknesses have laid me low this spring and summer.  Take care to eat right and to get plenty of sleep.  I was trying so hard to work and to save – and for what?  I’ll try to watch my health from now on.  But I do not get hungry when I work hard and get tired.  I know better – but – don’t we all?

Has weakened me so I hate to drive or go shopping etc.  Therefore I sent a check to Cindy as I did for John.  You will know best about guiding them in spending it.

Won’t go out now – until Friday afternoon because I have appointments.  Then will send the letters and the pictures.  How I love them.  Send back those you don’t need and I’ll pay postage.

You would love space for garden here – but gone to seed now and looks poorly.  Later I may work some in it and get sunshine that way.

No news and no brightness in this letter I know.  Am working a full day now and do get very tired from it.  Slowly will be better.  For heaven sakes I pray you all keep well!

Never received any “long newsy book” you said you wrote before moving from log house.  If you find it – send it along, though late.

Reports, reports and tests wait on the desk – waiting.  Would love to fly away for a month in Alaska.  We’ll save pennies for another year and for New Year’s I hope.  Carolyn’s people aren’t coming (Money again).

No more now.  Will think if you all on Cindy’s birthday.  Will write more in day or so.  Love, Mom

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