Sunday, September 3, 2017.  The transference of this blog to the new format has created some serious problems with the layout and operation of the top page tabs that at present do not seem fixable.  The information stored in connection to the page tabs used to only appear when a reader clicked on the tab to find an actual list on the page that then appeared, from which they could choose which to click on to read.

Not now.  Those sub-pages are (obviously) splayed all over the top part of the blog – to my great dismay – and there does not appear to be any way I can correct this problem within the new format without losing those sub-pages completely.

To complicate matters there has been some corruption of ‘data’ in this feed-over to newer blog formatting = sad!

I do not have the heart at present to even begin to take up an attempt at a conversation with WordPress tech support about these problems.  So……..  Where this is all going as we whirl into the future of time is unknown.  Please bear with clumsy this process!!


This has never been a blog for entertainment.  It has never been about razzmatazz.  This is a blog about truth and healing.  Perhaps it makes sense as our crazy civilization rushes while it totters toward a future few can envision together.

At the same time as difficulties make their way into the very fiber of the cyber foundations that allow this blog to exist at all in any formation – I remain grateful to WordPress for allowing us without extra financial resources to create and attempt to sustain a blog that does not cost money.  EVERYTHING in this world IS NOT ABOUT MONEY!

It matters that we know this.  Sharing matters.


Meanwhile most of this blog has been transferred to new generation of programmed formatting.  Perhaps what has been broken can be repaired.

I do not yet know….


Here is my first book out in ebook format as it provides an outline of the conditions of my malevolent childhood.  Click here to view or purchase–

Story Without Words:  How Did Child Abuse Break My Mother?

It lists for $2.99 and can be read by Amazon Prime customers without charge.  A daring book – for daring readers – about a really tough subject.


Tags: adult attachment disordersadult reactive attachment disorderanxiety disorders,borderline motherborderline personality disorderbrain developmentchild abuse,depression,derealizationdisorganized disoriented insecure attachment disorder,dissociation,dissociative identity disorderempathyinfant abusePosttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD),protective factorsPTSDresiliencyresiliency factorsrisk factorsshame



  1. I did not experience this shift in my blog, but it may be because I use a different theme, or I did not have in my tabs quite the arrangement you had. Each tab in my blog leads to a list of posts with a tiny bit of the first paragraph(s) that I chose to include there. No subcategories in each tab. You may have chosen this theme because it had the ability to put such subcategories in each tab. This feature may be rare in themes, and WordPress is unaware of what it did to your theme, especially if it is one of the older ones. I had changed to a new theme a few years ago when Google decided to rank those blogs higher if they used a mobile-friendly theme, even if WordPress did change my old theme to a mobile-friendly one. Your theme is mobile-friendly but may have some coding that dates it. If you have a photo of one page of your blog taken before the shift, you can upload it to WordPress to show them what changed. But I truly sympathize with your state of mind when it comes to confronting WordPress with this major, unalerted and ill-informed change.

    • I really appreciate your note on this concern!! Thanks! I found when trying to select a theme from among the free ones available for this change that none of them seemed to actually show what it would do with tabs.

      I still need to switch my subsidiary blogs over to another format – this one still follows the Misty Look expired format:


      If you have a free blog – if you don’t mind posting a link to it here so I could see what yours looks like – that would be wonderful!!

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