*October 18, 1965 – Cindy’s Letter to Dad


letter to dad from Cindy

Monday October 18, 1965

Dear Dad,

Saturday we went to the annual Hellcolorado celebration, in Tombstone.  Tombstone was only sixty-seven miles away from Tucson so we got there by noon.  When we arrived we had to go through a gate to enter the city.  There was no admission charge other than $1.00 for Mom, because everybody under sixteen is free.  When we got inside we went to the Wells Faro Museum which is very interesting.  Inside they had reproductions of a morgue where the results of the O.K. Corral Gunfight wee in their coffins where you could see them, an inside of an Indian Hogan, a tin shop and many many more things.  There was also an old piano that played 3 instruments if you put .50 in so Mom decided to try it.  When you put the money in you have to turn the crank which I did, after I’d turned it for awhile it stopped and you couldn’t turn it either way and so no music was coming out.

By now quite a few people had gathered and were tinkering around with it, but no one could get it to play.  Mom then went and got the owner who found out what was wrong with it.  What was wrong with it was that you had to use a fifty cent piece instead of two quarters like Mom had!  After all it’s 150 years old.  There were also many reenactments of gunfights in the streets which I thought were pretty good acting.  We were going to going [sic] inside the O.K. Corral which was to expensive so Mom said we may go when you come down for Christmas.  Well, I guess I’ve said enough about Tombstone for now.

I have to go take a shower now so I’ll be ready to get up in the morning quite early because my school starts at 10 minutes of eight.  I’ll right some more later tonight or tommmorrow [sic[.  I didn’t get a chance to write until today (Wednesday).  I guess I better finish it now or it will never get finished.

I like my school very much and my teachers too.  I got my report card today but I only got three grades, 2 C’s because my teachers just gave me average grades because they didn’t know what I would get, and a A in Music.  In art we were making pottery which I got an A.  My P.E. teacher said that I was doing excellent work in P.E. and would probably get an A next 6 weeks.  Our grading periods are 6 weeks long.  In History I have American History combined with World History.  We are having many debates which I really enjoy.  We have two boys in my class which ought to be lawyers.  We are going to have another one soon on whether we should continue fighting in Viet Nam.

I have joined Y-Teens which is a branch of the Y.W.C.A. and also chorus.  I hope you will be here at Christmas time by the 16th for our chorus X mas program.  I will send you some Halloween pictures for your room soon.  I’m am going to be an Indian.  David a pirate and Sharon either an organ grinder or a princess.  I wish I could write more.  Thank you very much for your letter, write again soon.  Love, Cindy X 0 X 0


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