*Grandmother Cahill’s Autobiographical Writings


These are the writings of my mother’s mother, Beatrice Anne Hunter Cahill, as preserved on a few pieces of paper that have survived and made their way into my hands 79 years after they were written.  The 1930 piece was written in ‘real time’ in 1930.

The second writings were written in retrospect.  They are not dated, but I wonder if grandmother wrote in response to something I found in my mother’s June 17, 1963 letter:

“Remember how dear Grandpa called me “Gypsy?”

Mom, please, would you write me stories of my family?

When did your ancestors come to America?

Tell me about Prince Edward Island?

Tell me about Grandma and Grandpa’s family – lots please!!

I wished I cared about Bill’s family – it’s wrong to feel such bitterness but I came close to hating them – oh how I wish things were different?

I feel so much a part of your family and want to keep a record NOW.  Write and Love, Mildred.”


Beatrice Annie Cahill, born Boston Massachusetts, passed away May 20, 1971 – services held May 24, 1971 – Pasadena, California – this name was on her funeral service pamphlet but according to my mother’s 1974 “Family History” her mother’s full name was Annie Beatrice Cahill – which my mother says she did not find out until her mother died

B.A. – graduated 1917 from Boston University College of Liberal Arts – Thursday June 5, 1917 2 o’clock graduation exercises, Riverside – Alpha Delta Pi, Major Education, Minor English

M.A. – 1918 University of Minnesota gradaute school


her mother

Mildred Jane Hunter, born Prince Edward Island, Canada, passed away December 30, 1952 – services held January 2, 1952

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