*Grandmother’s 3-23-1960 Letter to Mother

March 23, 1960 Wednesday

Letter from grandmother to mother

Dear Mildred,

Am writing this at C and C’s so I can mail it to you on way home.  I haven’t any news of my own, so I thought I’d wait to write to you after that luncheon at Elsa’s………[boring stuff]

No other news except that C and C and family are heart broken because they have to give the dog up because he bit another boy, witnessed and cause.  Jumped the fence and……..

Now how about you-all.  I think of you constantly – wondering and praying all is well.  How is weather?  How does it all work out on you, my dear?  This is the 22nd or it the 23rd now.  Oh, Mil, My dear!  I pray and pray that you can “make it” in the time allowed.  How I pray for that.  I admit that I shall worry and fret until I know your time is over and that all is well for you.

In one way I’m glad you have the duties to carry on at the Nursery because you haven’t got as much time to worry over affairs as you would have otherwise.  How I wish I could go up and be with you through the months Bill will be away!  If I had the money I’d go.  On the other hand, I’d better get a little place to settle down if you are going to trip off to Europe, Mil.  Anyhow, I feel that things will work out for the best all the way along, dear!  Just don’t worry, it won’t do any good, I know.  Even if I “store” things and get an apt. it won’t matter.  Let’s have faith.  Just take things “easy” as “possible”.  Write to me – even a card will do – so I’ll hear from you, please.  I can stand things if I hear.  I love you, Mom

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