Sunday, September 15, 2013.  I believe that in many ways what has been written thus far about the “Indigo Children” has been of too narrow a focus.  I was born in 1951 and I know I was one of these children.  It is time we all begin to recognize that there are Indigo Adults on this earth living among the Indigo Children who are being born at increasing rates.

All three of my children, born 1971, 1976 and 1985 were Indigo Children and are now Indigo Adults.  Both of my two grandsons, ages one and three, are Indigo Children as well.  Knowing this is my prime motivator to move the 1,800 miles north to be a part of their lives.

Yesterday a friend of mine handed me an article I copy (below) into this post – for informational purposes only.  I believe most of the serious readers of this blog are Indigo Adults.  This is how we survived our terrorizing traumatic abusive childhoods in hell and have found our way to learning about what happened to us, how that changed us, and about the amazing special people we are today.


This article appeared in the National Examiner – All the Best of the Sun, September 23, 2013 – page 45. 


One of modern society’s most puzzling public health challenges – the growing number of children diagnosed with ADHD – is actually pointing the way to a better future for all humankind!

So say experts who conclude the new generation of “different” children are the next step in human evolution.

Psychotherapists and counselors first began noticing strangely similar children being brought in for treatment as early as the 1970s.  Parapsychologist Nancy Ann Tappe dubbed them “Indigo Chiren” for their deep blue aura captured in experimental photography.

The name caught on as their numbers continued to grow through the 1990s and 2000s.

“It’s now rare to find a therapist who hasn’t treated one of these special kids,” explains youth counselor Margaret Charleton, of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  “Their numbers have been steadily rising for years, but we haven’t come close to finding a cause until now.”

The Hallmarks of the Indigo Children include:

+ Higher than normal intelligence

+ Becoming easily bored

+Possessing a clear sense of purpose, as if they’re on a mission

[My note:  I believe it is adults’ job to recognize the gifts, personalities, aspiration AND weaknesses of children so that they can be guided toward their happiest, healthiest life.  Young children in today’s frenetic American society often do not have the time they need to recognize what they need or want within themselves, and certainly as children cannot be left without safe and secure attachment relationships with adults who will help them.]

+ Resistance to strict discipline or rigid rules

[My note:  This fact ABSOLUTELY does not mean that these children are not dependent upon adults to be, as Dr. Gordon Neufeld names it, ALPHA in these children’s lives.  Too-busy parents can lack the time to find the creative, appropriate ways to give these children the essential guidance they must have to grow into healthy Indigo Adults.]

+ Intense focus on a narrow field of interest

+ A strong sense of spirituality, but little patience for organized religion

+Precocious interest in asserting their rights as individuals.

[My note:  I have, at age 62, only now begun to recognize what an incredibly clear and powerful sense of equity, justice, fairness and injustice I have had since I was a tiny child.  I was BORN with this sense along with a highly refined craving for beauty.]

+ Keen, almost unnatural ability to detect lies or half-truths

[My note:  I have found another side to this over the past 35 years of my adulthood.  People can and do make all kinds of verbal claims about the kind of person they are, what they believe in and value – but it seems there is a particular aspect to me that creates, in the end, situations where the TRUTH about people manifests.  I used to feel betrayed and greatly injured and hurt when this happened.  I no longer do and realize that I was BORN into this pattern with others.]

+ Connection with unusual phenomena – recalling past lives, psychic ability, encountering UFOs or the like

[My note:  Personally I do not believe in past lives.  I believe we carry memory in our DNA (that DNA and its epigenetic mechanisms) ARE memory.  I believe that people CAN and DO relive the experiences of ancestors as stored in DNA.]

Now, DNA scientists believe they’ve found the source of these symptoms.

Taiwanese researcher Dr. Guangdi Xin of Taichung Third Medical Biotechnology Institute, led a team who determined that Indigo Children have activated a set of brain-stimulating genes that are dormant in the rest of us.

[My note:  I have not been successful in locating this research online.  Please post in a comment if you find it!]

The genes, part of a group known as “Otx,” control the development of higher brain functions.

“Early human ancestors had fewer active Otx-category genes, and apes have even fewer,” Xin explains.  “But these children have all the Otx genes we have and more.”

“It is as if they are the next step in evolution, at least as far as brain development goes.”

Xin’s team is now hoping to discover why these genes have suddenly become active.  “If this was an isolated population, then we could narrow possible causes down – a chemical pollutant, or perhaps a mutation from a common ancestor,” Xin says.  “However, the so-called Indigo Children are being born in rural villages and big cities alike, and over a long period of time.

“Our sample group included children born between 1982 and 2003 in Taiwan, the United States, Germany, India, the Philippines and Brazil.  The results were all identical.

“Whatever is happening, it is happening all over the world.”

Charleton believes the best answer comes from the Indigo Children themselves.  “When you get to know a few of them, you begin hearing the same things over and over again,” she explains.  “And one of those things is that they are here for a reason – to bring about a better world.””


Until someone can provide a link even to the Winnipeg therapist, Margaret Charleton, and certainly to any research by Xin and his team, I can take this article as a fantasy.  EXCEPT it makes perfect intuitive sense to me!!

Dr. Gordon Neufeld has very important information that tells us what all children need, including these Indigo Children.  A safe “holding” environment is part of safe and secure attachment.  Being the ALPHA caregiver of Indigo Children can be the toughest challenge, but it essential to their attachment needs that the adult caregivers in their lives do so!

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5 thoughts on “+INDIGO CHILDREN (INDIGO ADULTS) – AN INTRIGUING ARTICLE: Here to save the human race?

  1. I’m 32 born 8-24-1986. My name is Kevin Butler. I’m from Calhoun Ga. Trying to find someone to speak to about this life and my story. I have been through every emotional situation possible it seems like. I feel like o know things and teach my self. I am at point of this life were feels like I finally finished the test. And been many life times to finish. Im ready for the change. My mind way past today. It’s like I’ve seen this over and over. I could go on and on but I already know what’s going to happen. I’m tired living forward and ready to live backwards I am the future of mankind.

  2. This comment on Indigo kids. I was one of these children, but now adult. These kids usually have two consecutive dreams like Joseph did in the old testament to foretell the future. Visions turning stiff like in a death like state. The most common blood type for these children is A positive, second most common is A negative, third is an O blood type etc…

    Children of the tribes of Israel are often referred to as the watchmen by Indian culture. These children are now prevalent in all races of people. In America the medical field usually refers to the Indigo children as having a trait that has been passed on by the native Americans. No mater what race or culture they may spring from.

    I have had visions giving indication as to what expect in the future. Warnings of danger ahead, UFO sightings, and face to face spirit contact. These occurrences are common in both male and female children and adults. Both male and female are equal in Christ.

    This has been passed on to some of my children and grand children. My 6 year old grand son gave me warning of the NY city disaster that also affected new Jersey before the news came out the disaster was heading in this direction. There is a very big possibility of a re-occurrence at a much larger scale.

    GOD is using these people to bring forth information that will affect people and world events world wide. One thing that was mentioned in some of the articles that I read is these people are spiritual, but have little interest in religion. A lot of the world events that have been falling upon us relate to biblical end times.

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