*Age 10 – Me in Mother’s Letters

January 19, 1962:

“David is wonderful.  Has 4 new upper teeth and learned to say Ma Ma and knows it’s me!!

They all adore him – Linda is a gem with him.  [Linda note:  She let me take care of him while he was a baby, but decided I wasn’t good enough to take care of him as he got older.  That job was Cindy’s]”

“Get well card was from Sharon (the dear).”

“Linda is still slow and like Bill lives from day to day.  She is sorry she hasn’t written and helps me a lot.”


January 24, 1962:

“Linda is still slow and it takes her so long to do things that her days fly by.  She loved her present and they all adore those sweet necklaces!!  [Linda note:  I suspect that my slowness had as much to do with a deep, overwhelming sadness such as a child should never feel and a resulting depression.]”


March 8, 1962:

“Linda is home sick with bad cold so was glad she didn’t have to go out and over road.  [Linda note:  See!  Sometimes I was sick!]”

“Linda’s teacher called me in for same old report – poor attitude, talked in class, same old stuff!!  Darn her!  She’s fine at home.  [Linda note:  I was TERRORIZED and TERRIFIED at home!]”


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