Some weeks ago a blog reader left me a comment related to my learning to play keyboard, to read and to write songs.  I’ve had this project idea on a back burner these past few weeks – but today I am beginning to investigate what this blog commenter mentioned might be a program that I can write songs for.

All I know is that ‘hospice’ and ‘bedside singing’ were mentioned.  As I begin my online inquiries I find links to stories such as these:

Bedside Choir Provides ‘Threshold’ Comfort

Harbour SingersThe Harbour Singers was formed in 2008 to support persons in end of life care settings at a hospice, hospital, nursing home, or at home throughout the Southern Maine region. We offer a gift of song at bedside from a small group of caring volunteers.
“The Harbour Singers is a non-denominational chorus with non-profit status under the umbrella of the
Unitarian Universalist Church of Saco & Biddeford. The choir is open to all who wish to sing. Any person, whether they come with a religious affiliation, spiritual practice or social concern, is welcome to join.”

The Bedside Singers

Singing for Hospice and Healing

Bedside Songs Help Ease The Pain and Sleep Better

Music Therapy Hospice Volunteers


Well, I don’t know where this line of thinking will lead me – I DO NOT SING!  But I might be able to write songs that someone else involved in programs such as these listed might be able to use in singing at bedsides elsewhere.  If any readers have any info for me related to these ideas please drop a comment here!

Today I am putting a little waltz tune I wrote last night to words:


Fallen Butterfly

When you find a butterfly that’s fallen to the ground

Listen to it carefully.  It speaks in quiet sound…

I tell you a tale of glory

Alpha and omega story

Blissful I began my life wrapped in a warm cocoon

Next I was a caterpillar, yet I changed so soon…

Two wings I was given to fly

Through the air so free, far and wide

My job was to pollinate.  I did my job so well

‘Til my wings beat slower, I flew lower and I fell…

Living on nectar from flowers

Peaceful was I all my hours

My days were full of colors so glorious and bright

I gracefully folded my wings in prayer every night…

I have been delicate and strong

My life full of beauty and song

Nothing I did was harmful.  I made no being sad

I never wished for anything more than what I had…

But no forever-soul have I

My time is over when I die

This lovely butterfly is all I could ever be

I cannot rise to the kingdom of humanity…

God gave to me this life vernal

And to you a soul eternal


(note pattern:  1/8, 1/8, 1/4, 1/4 – with an 1/8, 1/4, 1/4 pattern sounding at the end of some lines as notes without words)


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  1. This is beautiful! Last week I found a dead butterfly as I was walking home.. I stopped and picked it up instead of just looking at it as I would have normally.. I carried it home and put it in the sun on the balcony where I admired its beauty and fragility, then I let it float off in the wind. Thanks for reminding me.

    • I just posted this link


      about Monsanto’s Roundup Ravaging Butterfly Populations

      My 85 year old friend had just written to me earlier before I saw this study — in response to the lyrics I wrote yesterday to the Fallen Butterfly song and had sent to her – that she KNOWS there used to be all kinds of butterflies around everywhere – because she remembers them! very sad for the lovely butterflies — and sad for humans! We KNOW better! SHAME ON US!

      And younger people argue with her about what she knows to be true!! They are disappearing!!!

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