Wednesday, February 18, 2015.  Today is another day of BITTER, cruel cold weather.  There won’t be any more movement around town today than is essential.  The very cold temperatures showed up here in Fargo very late this winter.  And even strangely in Bisbee, Arizona it is 72 above – VERY remarkably, unseasonably warm as their entire winter has been.

We live with the weather on this planet and weather the weather of the human heart, as well.  Weathering the weather of earth and heart occupies us for our lifetime!  Some weather life with grace, some with terror.  Thankfully there are some people who are ahead of the curve in their ability to define not only problems but also to offer workable solutions.

I am just stopping onto the blog this morning to post a very useful Youtube video presented by Dr. Gordon Neufeld, one of the world’s top experts on human development, as he talks about an important topic a friend of mine mentioned to me this week in regard to an in-school anti-bullying campaign some local teens in her area are presenting in their community.

I don’t think information on bullies and bullying gets much clearer than this:

Gordon Neufeld on What Makes a Bully

This full talk is about 70 minutes in length.  Here is a short preview:

Bullies Their Making and Unmaking Preview


There are bullies in the home, school, workplace, on the streets, in the political arena, in sports and on the internet, and we can certainly even bully our own self!  What on earth makes humans BE MEAN?

An online dictionary search for definitions for “bully” and “bullying” lead off into words like “intimidation” and then to “cruelty.”  Not a beautiful picture!


Short definition —used to describe people who hurt others and do not feel sorry about it: causing or helping to cause suffering : terrible and unfair

Full Definition — 1:  disposed to inflict pain or suffering :  devoid of humane feelings <a cruel tyrant>

2a :  causing or conducive to injury, grief, or pain <a cruel joke> b :  unrelieved by leniency

Synonymsatrociousbarbaricbarbarousbrutalbrutebutcherlyfiendish,heartlessinhumaninhumanesadisticsavagetruculentvicious,wanton, red in tooth and claw

Antonyms:  benignbenignantcompassionategood-heartedhumanekind,kindheartedsympathetictenderhearted


Here is someone who offers solutions —

Dr. Gordon Neufeld specializes in information about human attachment from birth throughout the lifespan.  He developed a theory of attachment that includes six stages in the development of the capacity for relationship, the construct of polarization that explains both shyness and defensive detachment. His model of attachment is universal in both its application (adults as well as children) and implementation (school as well as home).

“Dr. Neufeld’s legacy is the meta theory of development he has constructed from joining the dots until a consistent picture emerged. His comprehensive model has evolved from years of synthesis and distillation. The result is an integrated developmental approach rooted in depth psychology, grounded in the developmental paradigm, saturated in attachment theory, congruent with current neurological research and honed by forty years of professional practice, parenting and personal reflection. In a world of fragmented knowledge, esoteric terminology, strategies divorced from their philosophical moorings, and a smorgasbord approach to treatment, Dr. Neufeld’s approach is a breath of fresh air.

“His insight model provides a refreshing alternative to the current cognitive behavioural fare, as well as to the medical ‘disorder’ approach. Dr. Neufeld’s approach has clear and practical implications for practice and treatment, regardless of one’s arena of involvement – child, adolescent, adult, marital or family.”  (CLICK HERE for more info on Neufeld’s website)



While there is no money for me in my mention of this herbal-vitamin supplement here, I am taking it daily now and find it extremely helpful.  That means a lot to me, so I thought perhaps other readers might wish to take a look:

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