Thursday, February 12, 2015.  There have been nearly two million views of this video of a young boy “conducting” music that was posted January 25, 2015 on Facebook by iVillage Australia.  What I see when I watch it is an expression of the purest kind of joy!  Is this what TALENT looks like?  Is talent always matched by a deep inner fascination with something so very particular?

Here is another video posted of Facebook by Kocaeli Üniversitesi of a little girl evidently with the same conducting passion!

I think there is a natural strong link between innate talents (aptitudes, abilities) that a person is born with and their aspirations, interests, desires and passions!!  I think that as humanity continues to evolve we will as a species recognize that it is in everyone’s best interests to help our young ones identify what their talents are as we foster their development.

Everyone is born with some variation of capacity AND a particular aspiration of their soul.  If we guaranteed the right conditions to everyone born each person would naturally bloom into the gifts they have to offer the world.  We would then have “unity in diversity” on our planet where peace, joy and health existed for all.

Yes, this scenario is a vision that is still of the future for humankind.  But we ARE moving in that direction.  We will figure out what conditions are necessary for every human on earth to have a life from conception forward of health and well-being.  We will as a species evolve and master a different kind of consciousness – and therefore a different kind of conscience – that will enable us to work together for the common good of all.


Children just don’t DO these kinds of things unless their entire being is part it!  (There have been over 15 million views of this video of a 7-year-old.)

Or this 3-year-old Asian Random Dancer of whom the judge asks, “What kind of upbringing did he have that makes him so calm?”

Are “child prodigies” so different from children who might display far more subtle talents of every variation?  There are an infinite number of ways human gifts appear within and among us.  Gifts in science, language, arts, music, dance, sports, invention, diplomacy, mechanical interests and abilities, engineering, technology, gifts with relating to people, animals, culinary gifts, agriculture, dreamers and doers of ever caliber and kind.

ALL to be found fascinating and worthy of encouragement and development.  ALL to be respected, honored and appreciated!  If someone’s capacity leads them to pursue a Fortune 500 career while somebody else’s takes them to a cashiering job for the rest of their lives – NOTHING about greed or ego is what adds value to choices of the heart.

It is NOT always EASY to get there!  Talent takes the involvement of an “Attachment Village” to protect, affirm, value and encourage not just the chosen few but the entire collective talent pool within the entire human race.

It will take some time to get there – generations yet to come – but I believe this is the inevitable direction of our specie’s evolving and maturing destiny.   This is the ONLY right way to go.  I am confident.  THIS is our future!



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