Wednesday June 11, 2014.  This post is about my need to create a subtitle for the ebook I have published with my daughter Ramona — STORY WITHOUT WORDS.  It lists for $2.99 and can be read by Amazon Prime customers without charge.

Reviews for the book on the Amazon.com site are welcome.  However, it will most likely be a long time before I will read any of them.  I don’t wish to be derailed in my writing by criticism, something that already exists in one of the three reviews that have been posted for this book as a good friend of mine told me.  My friend doubts that the review came from someone who read the whole book.

My daughter is suggesting that a subtitle to the book needs to be attached to the main title, and that the book’s cover should stand as it is.

With all of the major changes in my life over this past year I have taken no time to think about my books.  Yet this morning my mind is captivated by what a subtitle for STORY WITHOUT WORDS might look like.  As soon as a line of possible subtitle words appears in my mind it is followed by another one.  I would much rather have clear-sighted focus rather than find myself caught up within a word tumbler.


Central to my book is my consideration of what could have happened in my my mother’s childhood to break her mind and to turn her into the super abuser of me.  While the truth will never be known about Mother I believe it is critically important that we at least make attempts to understand what risk and resiliency factors combine to create child abusers.  While I am not afraid to write about this topic I understand that there will be people who are afraid to read what I write.

So for now my choice for a subtitle  for STORY WITHOUT WORDS would simply be Child abuse and the death of hope.


I don’t think the human mind can survive without hope.  That’s just my bias.  When hope is crushed and broken especially during very early mind stages of development it may be that this distortion of hope builds itself right into the fabric of the brain-mind’s physiology.  If, as seems to have been true in Mother’s case, genes for mental illness are present that are put into motion as child abuse occurs, a mind distorted by both the abuse and the mental illness will appear in consequence.  This is essentially what this book is about.


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  1. I just began reading your website – particularly about attachment which I am researching for my own book. Thank you for such insightful posts – I enjoy your thought process and wisdom – will read more as I go.
    Joy and Peace,

    • I am very glad to hear from you and to know you are reading here. I hope your writing is going smoothly and productively. Many thanks for your affirmations! Linda – alchemynow

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