06 2013 valley alaska homestead now 1


Our homestead land, now subdivided.  The Red barn shaped building sits on what was our original home spot.  The large cleared field at the top was near the edge of our top boundary.

Seeing this land, the home of my heart and soul – just makes me feel sad.  My parents couldn’t find a way to hold onto the land and neither could any of their six homesteading children.

06 2013 valley alaska homestead now 3


The following are pictures of the Eagle River Valley floor, of the lake that is the headwaters of Eagle River and of Eagle Glacier back at the end of the valley.

Eagle Glacier

06 2013 valley alaska eagle glacier ridges

Eagle Glacier – Ridges

06 2013 valley  alaska lake ER headwaters

The glacier melt feeds this lake that is the headwaters to Eagle River.

06 2013 valley alaska ER glacier view to inlet

This is a view of Eagle River Valley taken from the glacier looking toward Cook Inlet in the Anchorage direction.  (Our homestead land lies forward to the right.)

06 2013 valley alaska ER toward inlet

A view of the back of the valley the eagles could see that flew over me as a child but that I had never seen myself until the day of this flight.

06 2013 valley alaska ER valley floor

Coming back into the valley I could see from our land, at least this land is fortunately at least currently protected within the boundaries of Chugiach State Park.  This is the place where the vision I had as a teenager (see link below) left me standing as it ended.  I am so homesick!

06 2013 valley alaska Angel mt river


Those readers of this blog who have followed my writing will have heard me refer to “the angel on the mountain” or Angel Mountain.  I took one picture of it but it was the pilot, Marc, who kindly took two I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR!!

06 2013 vallely alaska angel mt not perfect

There my childhood angel who saved my life as a so-severely abused and traumatized child up there off the right tip of the plane.

I have been blessed to have gone through several Native American healing ceremonies in the years of my adulthood.  During one I found what felt to be the essence of who I am floating in a bubble in the air in exactly this spot!!

06 2013 valley alaska ANGEL MT perfect

The pilot saw exactly what I was telling him about.  There is my angel on the mountain who changes with each tiny change in the seasons!  She was ALWAYS there for me and I talked to her and felt the love of her presence in my life ALWAYS.  As a child, I did not question.  This innocent absolute belief in this angel being there never faded.

eventually this can be cropped to include HER, but for now I am thrilled to have this picture, also.  Thank you, Marc!  And thank you to my brother for arranging this air excursion for me.


About 30 years ago I read a quote that I have never found again, so I can only paraphrase it.  At the moment I encountered those words a shock went through me to the depths of my soul.  How could this be true?

The most pathetic human being is greater in the eyes of God than the mightiest mountain.

It’s still hard for me to accept this truth.  This is one of the great spiritual testings of my lifetime as my soul seeks the illumination of truth.  I am not of myself any kind of a fan of humans.

A great motivation for my current cleansing is because I want to live healthily long enough to be able to live again in Alaska.  This motivation is taking me back to a Native American healing woman this coming Friday.  A friend of mine has seen her and will be taking me.  I am specifically going to ask for assistance to stop smoking cigarettes.  This requires for me a spritual healing.  I cannot do it by myself.


June 23, 2013.  It has taken me some time to even face my feelings about seeing the urban sprawl that has infected the virgin wilderness that was my home growing up.  My parents staked claim to 160 acres in 1958 when I was seven.  Back then there was only a faint rugged Jeep trail back into the Eagle River Valley that has, since I left home in 1969, grown into a 2-lane paved highway and is now back under construction.

Through the kindness of my brother and his pilot friend I was able to see the Eagle River Valley and the land that was our homestead before my parents “lost” (sold) it.  When I was a child from my point of view from the mountain there was a small bump we used to call the loaf of bread beyond which I could not see.  Finally, all these years later I saw what lies beyond it.

I have many thoughts and feelings related to the topic of this post but it is not the time for me to consider them or to write about them.  I simply present the pictures here.

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