Monday, February 6, 2017.  There is a link here to a video (you can click to enlarge to fullscreen) of Lady Gaga’s incredible half-time performance from yesterday at Super Bowl 2017.  Besides my joy at watching such unbelievable talent of singer and dancers, I felt like I was witnessing an entire generation respond — like a changing of the guards — within American life.  So much strength, health, energy and power in YOUTH!

I know of no one personally who is relaxed, confident and happy about the overall state of our nation right now.  Everything seems to be about controversy.  And I feel so hemmed in, so helpless to see any bigger picture right now, because I essentially cannot experience any part of the great changes going on in this nation and in the whole world from any other vantage point than the one given to me as a member of my generation as a Baby Boomer.

I feel heightened awareness that it is NEVER simply one generation who holds sway over history-in-the-making.  Time does not stand still.  Yet how can one generation EVER really understand what life is like either for an older generation or for the younger ones who are occupying current moments in time?  I cannot BECOME a member of any generation other than my own.

I am struggling with this fact, yet watching Lady Gaga’s show I think I caught the barest of glimmerings of a HUGE younger part of our population as I HOPE they will positively and enthusiastically arise to utilize all possible talents and abilities to change this world – and our nation – moving forward – so MUCH for the better!

All I could come up with today in way of understanding of what makes even a small bit of sense to me I put into the following few words as I think about myself, my same-generation peers, and the generations born after me:




Baby Boomer generation reaching shore

sand sucking out beneath our feet


Some of us stood against The Man

fighting segregation



the chase after The Almighty Buck.

What is happening to our dream?


turning tides

shifting power

To the young:

More of you

PLEASE do much better.



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