Monday, April 18, 2016.  A “play therapist” I came into contact with over two years ago when I first arrived in Fargo has circled back around again with her new request that I work with her in some way around some basics of art therapy that she can use in her private practice.  (I am a nationally registered art therapist.)

She very briefly described her clientele in an email yesterday along with what she is aiming for –

I was thinking about doing more art therapy with my clients, teens and parents. Possibly start a group. I have divorced parents not able to co parent, teens getting into lots of trouble, depressed/anxious teens, and a severe eating disorder.

I like to be a “guinea pig” and understand the process from the client perspecitve as well. So maybe that can be an option?


Now, in this healing-paradigm-shifting world, this is the gist of what I sent back to her this morning.  I see absolutely NO WAY that any reputable therapist cannot be informed about ACEs in today’s world!

(I just received her response to my email – this savvy therapist is already familiar with ACEs info but will check further through this info I am asking her to look at prior to Wednesday morning when we will meet.) –


Good morning!

Let’s aim for Wed. morning.  We can go up to Red Raven Espresso Parlor (are you familiar with this place up on Main?) – That’s an excellent spot for ‘conversations’ that matter!!!  there is a side community room here where we can work/learn (and if you believe in prayer, please add some for your and my efforts together)

Red Raven Espresso Parlor

It takes AT LEAST a specialized masters in art therapy to even begin to ‘do this’ correctly – but we do not live in an ideal world and I am very willing to trust you as a healer that you are asking for this sincerely – and with the best intent!I would absolutely start by introducing you to a process – for your own self – I will bring along some basic supplies.

I DO really want you to do some ‘homework’ before we meet – this info is ESSENTIAL to your practice – if you have not encountered this yet – NOW IS THE ABSOLUTE TIME TO DO SO!!

More than ANY ‘technique’ you might use — THIS info is the healing power behind ANY hope of helping others that is needed in ‘this day and time’ – this is where the paradigm shift is happening

google search “cdc ace study” —

that’s the basic stuff – I wish you to have at least scanned this before we meet!

also check this site

ACEsConnection: Home


As a long time teacher activist, “owner” of my own ACEs collection, and passionate believer in grass roots activism, I want our voices actively engaged within this …

watch one or both of these videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Laura Porter – YouTube


Oct 9, 2014 – Uploaded by Northwest Venture Philanthropy

At an April 9 workshop at McKenna Events Center in New Braunfels, Texas, Laura Porter, co-founder of ACE …

Laura Porter Keynote: NEAR Science & New WA … – YouTube


Nov 17, 2014 – Uploaded by Foundation for Healthy Generations (Healthy Gen)

Laura Porter, Senior Director of the Learning Institute at Foundation for Healthy Generations explores .


I HIGHLY suggest you order this book ASAP


and this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Functional Family Workbook: 206 Things You Can Do To Raise Happy and Confident Children!
There is an increasing amount of info on this – but watch the very short trailer -OK – now THIS – and it’s quick and painless!!



Meanwhile, Oh HOW I WISH I could sing like THIS!

Up to the mountain

Patty Griffin sings a mind blowing rendition of this amazing song that she wrote in honor of Martin Luther King. The words can be found here: http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/pattygriffin/uptothemountainmlksong.html


Another email was also sent recommending article by Dr. Martin Teicher, attachment book by Dr. Daniel Siegel, and anything online – there are many articles on attachment and right brain development – by Dr. Allan N. Schore.


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Here is our first book out in ebook format.  Click here to view or purchase–

Story Without Words:  How Did Child Abuse Break My Mother?

It lists for $2.99 and can be read by Amazon Prime customers without charge.

Story Without Words is a forensic biography/autobiography in which the author, Linda Danielson, explores three generations of her family history to help understand the horrific abuse she was subjected to from birth at her mother’s hands. Her mother Mildred had a psychotic break while delivering Linda, her second of six children and the only one of whom she targeted directly for abuse. The delivery culminated in Mildred being convinced that Linda had been sent by the devil to kill her, and until Linda left home at age 18 for boot camp, she was subjected to unrelenting abuse.

Story Without Words is a creative and compassionate exploration of early factors that may have contributed to Mildred’s abusive trajectory. The author seeks to give words to her experiences as a child abuse survivor; Story Without Words is unique in providing the words of the abuser and the abused in one volume. The author seeks to provide insight for others who were themselves abused, professionals who wish to learn more about the inner world of survivors, and concerned individuals who wish to help stop the storm of child abuse in our society….”


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