Tuesday, October 13, 2015.  Nobody comes to read anything on this blog because it is entertaining.  Nothing about what is presented here is FUN.  Is it enlightening?  In-lightening?

Is there anything that I can say here that turns that inner light of comprehension on for readers?  I don’t know.  What seems to be happening not only for me but for a growing number of people on every “level” of our society is that THE WORK is being increasing defined as it CAN change the world.

Change the world for the better for children – change the world.

I am disappointed with myself that I am not feeling more thrilled about this growing tide of awareness accompanied by facts about damage done to suffering children across their lifespan and about how these situations can begin to REALLY be changed.  Personally, across the decade of involvement in studying these issues I have become tired.

I am not used to such feelings!

As another horrific North Dakota winter approaches, as I have chosen to remain in this tiny apartment (and not yet return south) in a place I do not remotely like, I am beginning to panic.  How will I endure and survive the next 6 months?

I try nearly every moment to override these concerns with asking myself, “What is my useful purpose in being here?”

I don’t really know.

But after taking a look at this article — “Economic Costs of Adverse Childhood Experiences in Alaska: The price of not intervening before trauma occurs” – that my friend sent me this morning I had a concept come into my thoughts that is a new one for me:  SOCIAL ENGINEERING


Because of the power inherent in such a process, along with possible sinister intentions, I would ordinarily be suspect of supporting such a process.  But isn’t that what ending childhood traumas – as the above article describes — would actually accomplish in the most positive ways possible?

Isn’t this the reason I established this blog in the first place?

Everything we do especially with our children in a society is about engineering them to participate in a society we MUST be in favor of.  If we decide as a society that we no longer wish our children to SUFFER, can we put an end to the conditions that cause this suffering?

Yes.  We can.


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Story Without Words:  How Did Child Abuse Break My Mother?

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