Sunday, June 7, 2015.  During the daytime hours of most of my productive time I am attentively and intensely involved with the brain-mind-self growth and development of a very smart and active nearly 3 year old who is acquiring language and the ability to communicate with self and others at warp speed.  I counted last week and found the average is an interruption requiring ME by my grandson every 7 seconds.  One time this pattern allowed me 15 seconds to my own thoughts!

I cannot do more than note alerts to very important and fascinating research that continues to come my way.  I have created a folder in my email account to store these in –  that I named —  “Study this Later” and later is months away from now!  Otherwise these tapestry threads will disappear over the waterfall of my life to be gone forever.  Or so I fear.


I can’t remember if I have already posted this:

Missing Link Found Between Brain, Immune System, MedicalXpress.com

Researchers at the University of Virginia School of Medicine have determined that the brain is directly connected to the immune system by vessels previously thought not to exist.


This comes from another site and is important to me:

Epigenetic changes in the developing brain changes behavior #SurfaceYourRealSelf


This is another one and I believe the free-of-charge option remains available;

A message from Dr. Bessel A. van der Kolk:

Having witnessed breakthrough results in the treatment of trauma, abuse and neglect with neurofeedback, I’m asking for your help.

For so many traumatized children and adults, neurofeedback remains out of reach…

For this reason I have has created a free CE video giving an in-depth discussion of the promising way to rewire the brain — through neurofeedback.

You’ll learn what neurofeedback is, how we study it, and see the remarkable results that we’ve obtained thus far.

I’ll also tell you why right now, neurofeedback is not eligible for insurance reimbursement and what you and I, together, can do about that.

I appreciate your dedication to improving trauma treatment and committing yourself so much to the mental health profession.

Please, enjoy my free CE seminar — and share with your colleagues to help me get the word out.

Bessel van der Kolk


This is so INCREDIBLE on the power of empathy!!

He Snarled At Everyone Who Went Near His Cage. But When THIS Woman Comes Along? UNBELIEVABLE!


On neuro treatments for anxiety:

NETmindbody – An Explanation of NET


Well, I am disappointed but not surprised that I do not see the links I thought I saved on the topic that MOST caught my attention – THE NEUROSCIENCE OF PLACE

I can locate information via online search for “neuroscience place” – and here are a few links to what shows up there:

Place Cells, Grid Cells, and the Brain’s Spatial Representation System

The place of human psychophysics in modern neuroscience

A Strange Place: Dissecting the Neuroscience Nobel Prize

Neuroscience: Internal compass puts flies in their place

Methods of Behavior Analysis in Neuroscience. 2nd edition.  Chapter 4 — Conditioned Place Preference

And a special topic for me:

Judging Beauty in Places, Faces


All this to say, I can at present accomplish to more than to point out some points that send the compass of my mind into excited swirling!!  I do believe that trauma, and especially early relationship trauma, ALL childhood trauma, is somehow involved in alterations related to these topics.


Here is our first book out in ebook format.  Click here to view or purchase –

Story Without Words:  How Did Child Abuse Break My Mother?

It lists for $2.99 and can be read by Amazon Prime customers without charge.


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  1. Your posts have become very important to me – thank you. Amazing how the state of our minds and our issues become all consuming. And to have the research ability on the internet – I wonder sometimes if that is a positive or a negative? I can spend hours late into the night going “aha!” and being thrilled to discover something new. Then I wonder if all this obsessive searching for answers is , of course, just a part of my mental instability? Anyway, thank you for feeding me more. I have discovered Gerald Steins blog and several others that have opened my eyes…. >

    • I don’t think, personally, that we can ever learn too much, ESPECIALLY if we are survivors of very difficult early traumas. We NEED the new information like we need air, water and food. It FEEDS us and it empowers us — and it helps EVERYONE else at the same time in big and small ways. We are all members of the human family and we are in this world together. What happens to any one of us that hurts needs to be the concern of all of us.

      So I certainly applaud your studies! We are what I call “lay scholars” and – well – thanks to the miracles of communication in these marvelous ways we can keep up with what is being discovered! Thank you for writing, Diana! Very much!! Alchemynow – Linda

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