Saturday, June 20, 2015.  Writing.  Choosing words.  Combining words in patterns that don’t  express ideas so much as point in their general direction.

Maybe like verbal golfing (and NO, I do NOT golf!).  Whack that ball in a given direction.  According to a pattern.  A way of moving through time and space to reach a desired end.


Seeing, I suppose, is a kind of feeling process, although we don’t especially think of it this way.  Perceptions influencing neurons sending information in patterns throughout our brain.  Giving us information in this body we get through life connected to.

Same with hearing.  Yes, detecting those slower waves.

And rhythms.  Events we detect.  Like earthquakes or wind moving past us.


Everything about being alive involves change.  And exchanges.  We grow into how we receive, perceive, respond to and assign meaning and value to the continually shifting patterns of information that affect and involve us over the course of our lives.

In the final picture perhaps all we do is seek to keep a life-sustaining sense of balance.  AND if we are fortunate the “one” who establishes our place in all of this change – is what we might term in English – our self.


How is this process NOT a dance?


“Attack with a feather?”

Full Definition of IMPETUS (noun)

1a (1) :  a driving force :  impulse (2) :  incentivestimulus

b :  stimulation or encouragement resulting in increased activity

2:  the property possessed by a moving body in virtue of its mass and its motion —used of bodies moving suddenly or violently to indicate the origin and intensity of the motion

Origin of IMPETUS

Latin, assault, impetus, from impetere to attack, from in- + petere to go to, seek — more at feather

First Known Use: 1641


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