Tuesday, March 11, 2014I have never before now specifically wondered about the parts of speech connected to using words to describe emotions and feelings.  In looking online at Webster’s definition of


I see it has existed as a noun in Modern English since the 12th century and as an adjective since the 14th.  It’s a rather thought provoking study just reading what Webster states about this word.  I find myself trying to understand how “feeling” is a noun because I grew up being taught that a noun was a “person, place or thing.”  Feeling as a THING?

I admit I remember very little of the specifics of language use I was taught so many years ago.  I guess until this morning when I went to the dictionary I hadn’t realized that feeling words such as happy, angry and sad are adjectives.  I guess I see that – Greg is sad – Greg being the noun.

My mind has to squirm around with (adjective) sad, (noun) feeling.  “I feel sad.”  I need to go back to grammar school!


My trains of thought today spring from – spring!  Over 20 years have passed since I lived in an area where spring did anything more than increase temperatures overall.  Spring did not melt snow, make things drip, create slush and monster puddles and expose filth accumulated during months of snow cover.

Of course it is very nice to have the temps going UP instead of DOWN as they have been doing since I moved into this little apartment.  But I am finding myself FEELING feelings evidently connected to this kind of spring experience that are familiar to me – but not positively so!

How can that be, I am wondering?  Yet – what is this sinking sort of heavy feeling I feel – very organic, very weighty, dense, even oppressive – not spring-like-warm and bouncy by any means.  WHAT FEELING IS THIS?  Or what conglomeration of feelings bundled into one (?) main feeling is this?

I don’t know.  I don’t want to know.  That kind of feeling, whatever it is, is connected to me through my own history – but also to my history of LEAVING this kind of climate along with all its stages and phases.

I have grown very used to the high desert southeastern Arizona climate of very moderate change with lengthy periods of overall pleasantness.  The blowing dust and lack of air cleanliness bothered me – and THIS air IS CLEAN, I have to say – although I greatly miss the VISTA expanses of land I could gaze across ‘back home’ that let me know the sky was not all that sparkly viewed from a distance.

I guess this northland now seems completely bi-polar to me!  Soon the muggy sticky heat will come along with too long daylight to make up – for too much lack of light on the other end of that pole!  I notice these things.  These organic polarities that are so connected to my embodied FEELING me that I cannot any more control my response to these dramatic changes than I can control the changes themselves.


Perhaps I am paying very close attention in case I get to return south to a place that has felt more like home to me than has any place I have ever lived.  I want to remember what I complain about HERE – to balance that knowledge with what I complained about THERE, which was mostly about silty dirt everywhere in my house and what looked like continual pollution in the air.  (Much of it probably does come from the copper smelters in Mexico.)

Of course in the desert there are also very weird bugs one doesn’t want to deal with up close and personal as well as a collection of deadly snakes.  No place – people like to say – is perfect?

I am also reacting to CITY living which I have always detested, and the lack of yard and privacy here – so no feeling is ever probably a “one kind” of thing – oh, well, adjective and not a thing at all!  I guess that all makes sense if I can remember to think in terms of “I AM THE NOUN” and all the feelings I have right along with the words to name them are describing (adjectizing) me!


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3 thoughts on “+GRAMMAR OF FEELINGS?

    • hope it’s warmed up some where you are – VERY wet if it’s thawing!! just realized when i was a kid beginning age 7 i so grieved for the wilderness mt every time mother moved us off — so tied to the land for any well-being i had – and even then HATED cities. don’t think that has changed for me in nearly 60 years!! can’t get to alaska longterm – but at least the high desert met some of those same needs — am trying to adjectize myself more toward PATIENCE!! (i better look that up — OK, so is PATIENCE a NOUN?? I obviously don’t get this grammar thing)

      • Grammar is highly overrated…wish I had a bigger hoard in the patience bank, but I seem to be always overdrawn. Maybe it’s because we felt that life might end at any given moment that we decided patience wasn’t something that was very useful to us? Even when I am patient, it’s for the wrong things. Like expecting people to treat me and give to me like I treat/ give to them…such a tangle.

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