Sunday, February 23, 2014.  I must admit it has been a LONG time since I have felt excited by and hopeful about much of anything.  Because all experience is very intense to me, my current discovery of the knowledge online via YouTube videos of Dr. Daniel Siegel’s thinking is not even a comfortable one for me.  It’s scary in ways I can’t really even define – nor do I need to define it.

This morning I am taking a look through some of the videos shown at the sidebar of the Siegel link I put in my previous post.  I watched the excellent one on the shy child.  I am watching one right now called

“Being” Versus “Doing” With Your Child

I am thrilled by what I am hearing and I am filled with hope.  Rather than taking time at this moment to fill in the blanks on this blog post I will simply encourage readers to spend a few moments watching/listening to some of these videos.

At the same time I would mention – BE CAREFUL OF YOURSELF!  As trauma survivors we have SO MUCH INFORMATION built into our body from the overwhelmingly harmful experiences of our early lives that nothing is simple for us.  When I listen to this kind of information I am keenly aware of what my body knows about THE OTHER KIND OF LIFE that I experienced that was opposite of the benevolent, healthy, kind, compassionate (etc.) Siegel talks about.

But this information is IMPORTANT to us!!  Little bit by little bit I believe we can make mountains of good use from this information!  We might have to take this slowly.  I have to pause and silence many times as I try to make it through these videos.  I find I have to make space within myself to take in this new information – I am so full of trauma-acquired information that it can be hard for me to take in ANY new information at all, even if it is good and helpful and even necessary info!!

But I AM going to continue to learn about what Dr. Siegel has to say!  I hope some readers will be inspired to follow this journey with me.


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