Thursday, January 23, 2014.  I took my old camera for the first time tonight since my move.  Perhaps tomorrow I will take some pictures of the view out of one of the two windows (both facing west) that I have in my entire home now.  Those of you who have been following the blog for a while – and have seen the pictures posted at the top of this page under LINDA’S ADOBE PEACE GARDEN will recognize the place that WAS my Arizona home in these pictures.

last az plus weaving MY AZ HOME pink 2014 001

The last I saw my pink rose blooming coming in my front Arizona gate.

last az plus weaving MY AZ HOME Yel 2014 002

I mostly feel now leaving this place that I will never again truly have another HOME while I remain on this earth. 


last az plus weaving BIG MANTIS COC 1 2014 020

My VERY favorite creature in the garden – a mother Praying Mantis who laid her cocoon on the south side of my hanging metal butterfly to protect from north wind in the winter.  OH HOW I MISS those skies, those clouds, those mountains!!!!

You can see the new cocoon here.  It soon solidified in a cement hard protective casing for those babies.

last az plus weaving BIG MANTIS cocoon 2014 021

I wrote the story last spring about being blessed with being able to watch new Praying Mantis emerge from one of these cocoons.  Something I will never forget!

last az plus weaving BIG MANTIS 1 1 2014 022

I fostered an environment in my flower garden that hosted hundreds of these amazing beneficial insects.  I wanted to take these pictures with me!  Here is the first I am seeing them.

last az plus weaving BIG Mantis 2014 024

Isn’t she exquisite!!  They change colors over time depending upon where they are living and feeding.

Now briefly my latest project thanks to the generous Christmas gift from my baby sister – a table loom which I can use without baby fingers getting tangled in my work.  Loom is not shown here as I am preparing a new warp for it

last az plus weaving warping 2014 032

The warp is commercial wool – nearly 7 yards long here at 170 threads across – lots of thread that has to be very carefully handled from measuring/winding here all the way to a “dressed” warped loom – and this is a SMALL warp.

last az plus weaving purple 2014 040

I just finished this one in handspun purple with heavy parts done from cut up old chenille sweaters.

last az plus weaving turq whole 2014 039

Handspun weft (going across)

last az plus weaving turq half 2014 043

This is from raw fleece that was washed, carded, dyed and spun on a very special spinning wheel designed specifically for heavier textured yarn – which I love to work with.

last az plus weaving turq close 2014 045

I think I am inventing a technique!  And the fleece is dyed in the oven before it is spun – sometimes spun without carding if it is a nice enough fleece because I also LOVE the variegation in the finished product – here in close up.

last az plus weaving turq close 22014 038

Sideways – with a who-knows-what on the lower left there!

last az plus weaving long nautral 2014 041

This weft is all handspun natural sheep colors and LOVELY.  It was so relaxing to just throw the shuttle full of yarn first left, then right, then left….  That I just kept going as I changed colors (different fleece origins) – and now I have this long piece I have no idea what I will do with!

These pieces were handwashed in hot water with Ivory dish soap after they were taken  off the loom – then air dried.  After I took these pictures I ironed these and brushed them with a natural bristle brush – gently – to bring out some soft fuzz on them.  Speaking of FUZZ –


last az plus weaving fuzzy 1 2014 037


last az plus weaving fuzzy 22014 036


last az plus weaving fuzzy 3 2014 034


last az plus weaving fuzzy both 2014 033

Why these are coming up sideways from the way I took the picture I don’t know – and now too tired to figure out how to tip this.  These are fun wall hangings about 9 by 17 inches not including fringes.  They are meant to show off the beauty of natural sheep fleece that was spun very loosely for just this purpose.  (Oh, there’s one of my heavy crocheted rugs there under the kid table – they cover all the carpet in this apartment.)

These may go toward the “rewards” for the


campaign we plan to put together for what is needed to move forward with our books — a topic for another post — but check this site out if you’ve never visited it before!


And finally – I left my hens with the tenants I found for my Arizona home once I knew my rental days there were over last October – who I hear LOVE their new home, the hens, my two cats and the fantastic garden they inherited along with their house!

last az plus weaving hens 2014 008


I really CANNOT imagine how people LIVE without a faith in God.  I have been blessed evidently from birth with the gift of never doubting what sustained me then and sustains me now.  To me my life would have been impossible for me to endure then and now if I did not understand that God has all of


already well figured out!!

All the comings and goings, the losses and changes of life — TOO MUCH GRIEF!

It would have all been TOO MUCH for me a long time ago if I did not believe I have help here – and a purpose for being here and a reason for being guided to take on even some really tough times – like these ones are for me now.  I have faith I was supposed to move here – although obviously I struggle with the whole thing ’cause it was POVERTY that kept me from visiting here and keeping my home………………….

Well, I cannot write another word or I will just erase everything I just wrote in this section – and ……


Here is our first book out in ebook format.  A very kind professional graphic artist is going to revise our cover pro bono – what a gift and thank you Ben!


It lists for $2.99 and can be read free for Amazon Prime customers.  Reviews for the book on the Amazon.com site are WELCOME and appreciated!


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