Wednesday, September 25, 2013.  Moon of the pomegranate harvest.  In mid-June when I knew I was leaving here to move back up north — a return — after 20 years of cycles much farther south — I knew my leaving date would not take place until the pomegranates on my so-gorgous tree were ready to pick.

Their harvest began today, always heralded by the long-legged beetles that arrive to carefully scour each fruit in search of a luscious crack to feast within.  I chased those harvesters away before their cracks could be found and stole from them what I want as badly as they do.

Harvests.  Focal points around which life has always revolved.  This one — after the equinox — as nights lengthen and earth prepares to sleep — even here in this high Arizona desert.

Breezes change with the light’s longer shadows.  A different whispering.  In between the sighing comes a growing quietude.


A phone call came today that is sending relief into my cells and between them.  The perfect tenants have let me know of their decision to make this home of mine their home once I leave here.  I saw the love in the fingertips of the woman who came to view this garden over a week ago as she touched these plants.  Its beauty made her cry.  When I hadn’t heard back with an affirmative YES I had given up hope.

They will keep my hens.  They will allow my cats to stay in their garden.  The cats left me what I needed this morning — a great dead packrat lying on a garden pathway — so I could overcome any hesitancy in the new tenants about the rightfulness of the cats’ stay here.


My friend Cindy from up near the Canadian border will arrive at my home on the Mexican-American line a week from tomorrow.  Without her help I don’t believe I could get out of here.  It is right I should hear today on the pomegranate harvest that the gift of this garden will continue to live — and thrive — through love and tender caring.

I can find the peace now that I need to close all the doors on my 14-year life here.  Such a gift it has been to live in this circle of mountains where each day has felt so gracious to me.


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  1. I am so happy to hear about your tenants I cried! How wonderful and this reminds me that things do get taken care of sometimes.. in fact even often ~ I’m feeling daringly hopeful. How lovely to know your pets and garden will be cared for. What a thankful thing ~ also a good harvest present and a good fruit.

    Here we are on the otherside of the world celeqbrating the spring equinox. a p

    • YES!!! What a relief to know as I gaze around at the miracle of this garden that its life has just begun! The woman is an artist and it fascinated me to see that she sees the garden differently than I do. Yes, each plant fascinates, intrigues me — but this woman sees not the entire garden at one time so much as each environment, each plant and the smaller juxtapositions and relationships that are thriving in the many ecosystems the garden has created within itself.

      I do NOT feel the sense of great loss I felt before these people decided to take the place. Actually, I waited 8 days in near anguish not beginning to understand how that family had not responded YES to taking the place. Meanwhile I stressed. I showed the place 3 more times. And then the family called to CONFIRM – what they thought I knew – that they were taking it.

      In the meantime I know for certain that one woman of the 3 interim lookers – went home and told her husband she had looked at the place because she was that serious about divorcing him — OH MY did that turn their marriage around. So even in the difficult times (me sweating it out for 8 days!) the universe used that opportunity to do something miraculous!

      This coming Sunday the woman who will care for the garden, the artist, will come for a serious tour (education) about this garden. I am hoping my friend flying down will walk with us and take notes as we go so a book will then exist for the garden’s care.

      This is exciting! And thank you Gingercat for reminding me – this is a MIRACLE that these people and this place have fallen in love!!!

      Enjoy your spring!! So wonderful to hear from you! with love, Linda – alchemynow

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