I heard from a book selling expert this morning about the cover picture for Story Without Words.  Well, I am not sure I can find any words to describe how disappointed, discouraged and angry I am to hear this:

Interesting image, but waaaaaaay too busy for Kindle. Keep in mind that almost nobody looks at the actual ebook “cover” on their reader. The main purpose of the “cover” is for the tiny, itty-bitty thumbnail that is visible on the Amazon page. You want the title visible to the naked eye (at the itty-bitty size) with clear (not artsy) font, good color separation, no intricate designs that won’t look like anything at the thumbnail size.

Why on earth does Amazon Kindle recommend images that are 1563 x 2500 pixels in size if THIS is the truth?


In my tiny little disability-based life – who am I to think I can fight against all odds and create what I have been working to create?  That’s about the size of my life – THUMBNAIL!!


Yes, I guess I needed to ask questions I didn’t have any way to know needed asking.  (See previous post for book cover image.)

Talk about dummying down the WORLD!  Yet it’s not the world’s fault that I don’t have the resources to publish in ‘traditional’ ways, don’t have money to fork out to pay for hard copy printings, don’t have the money to hire people to create a cover….

Oh – I am growling.  Or am I crying?  I can’t tell which at the moment….


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