This could not have come to completion without the generous help of a friend who brought his 12.1 megapixel camera to the scene today to spend time with me photographing what he calls the ‘diorama’ which is the cover for our first book – Story Without Words.  I thank him, and I thank my son for his prompt professional cropping of the image for this kindle-sized ebook cover.  I could not have done this without these dear men’s help.

cover 01 cropped corrected

I am relieved!  This has been a long, carefully orchestrated, patient haul.  Mod Podge, tissue paper, cardboard, glue, a few tin cans for the pillars, the careful printing by a young boy – and here it is.  I tried in many shots to get the abuser’s right arm out of line from the bedroom prison bars, but in the end this was the shot with the best color and detail – and it must be meant to be this way.  There would not be prison bars if there was not abuse….

It was a large construction, 36″ x 58″ to get all the pieces adjusted, attached, secured, leveled, plumbed — and I did the best I could do.  I will be content.  That the very top edge does not run perfectly level is, at least for now given the photographic abilities available, how this image will look.  It is a simple, humble, “primitive” and childlike piece – and such an image belongs to such a story – such an important story – as this.


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2 thoughts on “+BOOK COVER: WE DID IT!!!!

  1. This is so powerful. I can’t say much. I also really feel this should be a part of the book
    – ideally, the cover. I feel that actually kindle readers should see this. It tells a lot. Couldn’t
    There be a footnote on the first page advising readers to turn to it? Or it could be the first
    page and then the writing starts on page 2? Or do you think the experts are concerned that
    It will narrow down your reading population to women and child psychologists?
    It should be there somewhere.

    Its so well done.

    • Hi dear Gingercat – thank you! I don’t know how all the tech questions will be best resolved. I think the specs for pics in the kindle, at least, are different than what is allowed for the cover itself – but your idea of asking readers to go look at it is an excellent one!

      I processed a lot of my own thoughts and feelings, etc. about the women reader questions at the point I added the pink over the yellow/orange I had (where the pink is now) on the image. There is no way to control for the gender of the readership – the sexism in our culture is horrendous. Women read books by men OK, but men are not likely to give the same credence to women’s writings – I hate that, can’t change that this is a story about girl’s and women – even tho everyone came into this world through a mother.

      Interesting you mentioned this – it is a concern – but I realize ‘pink power’ is enough for me to aim for – for sure!

      I am approaching dissociation time from the whole entire process. I did not want that to become a problem – I have to let this all go – I cannot fight right now — I hate this whole part of this process! I just wanted this to WORK!! xo

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