With immeasurable thanks to my daughter, here is at least a crop of the cover image that shows there is HOPE!!

r ccvr sideways 2-cropped

The crop was accompanied by her sweet words:

Hi Momma,
Please don’t get discouraged!  This is really an amazing image, and I think a PERFECT cover.  I also think it is very very close to being exactly how we need it.
I have attached two cropped pictures for you to react to.  They are not the maximum pixels that Kindle says (https://kdp.amazon.com/self-publishing/help?topicId=A2J0TRG6OPX0VM#dim; 1563×2500 wxh) but are VERY nearly the 1.6 that we are looking for.
Take 2 cover 003-cropped is 822×1418; to be 1.6 we’d want 822×1315 — I need to be able to crop just a little bit WIDER — there is enough in the columns, but it is the top part of the story board where I run out of the corrugated cardboard.
(cvr sideways 2-cropped is 1059×1743; for 1.6 we’d want 1059×1694 — the corrugated cardboard runs out)
Is it possible to extend a little extra cardboard on the top panel, or another design element (more circles or more pink edging?).  One other question — no biggie if it can’t be adjusted – but can the “t” in without be moved over to the right a tiny bit of the “u”?  I’m guessing probably not, and that is just fine.
All of this being gobbelty goop stress-inducing mumbo jumbo to me — but taken one bite at a time with her translations along the ways – this CAN work!
All I can tell is that I need to fix that “t” and the end of “without” – which I think I can figure out BARELY how to shift….
I don’t see how I can add onto the top of this fragile, precariously balanced concoction — but I think I can figure out how to add 1-3 inches at the bottom.  I have already added (since this shot was taken) copper paper at the sides of the title….
Ebook covers are far narrower and taller than ordinary paper copy covers – odd, actually – but where there’s a WILL – and lots of patience and glue and encouragement – there will be a way!
Onwards we go – I am so grateful!!  Thank you, Ramona!!
And that I need to go online to find the manual for this older camera to find out how to improve the quality of these pictures so that there are more pixels to work with (I think that’s what Ramona told me….).


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