I could do so much MORE and so much BETTER if I had more resources for this whole project!  My eyes are aging so that I can’t even see the image as far back as I have to stand in the room to get this whole monstrosity in the view finder (whose view is not MY view!).  I try to be hopeful.  I try to be of good cheer.  But I don’t even have any way to crop this image other than put it on my computer screen and hold paper up to block out what’s not supposed to be a part of this image.

I have put over 250 hours of hard work into the creation of this cover art for Story Without Words.  I have so many trauma altered development changes to me that I can’t go out and choose my life.  I feel so limited in my world – because I am.  I hate it!

“Be positive, Linda!”

Yeah, right.  Here’s what I have so far.  I need a professional photographer!  This is about 32″ wide by 53″ tall – needing to be cropped and sized for an itty-bitty ebook cover!

take 3 cover 003

I am out of my league.  This work is above my pay grade.  As if I even have one of those!  At least on my old computer screen the detail on the little lavender plaque on the wall is GONE.  I give up for the day.  Give up!


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  1. A pleasure and I am saying a prayer it all comes together for you very soon. Sometimes You Tube also has tutorials online. Maybe you can find some ‘visual’ instruction for your camera as well, I too am not good with ‘instructions’ I need the visuals and lots of hands on…excited for you!

  2. Do not be intimidated! I love the work! Do you have a digital camera? My hand is unsteady; however, maybe with a tripod, (and maybe you might find that on Craigslist?)…CHEAP tripod…borrow a neighbor’s camera…there HAS to be a way…the image is great! Pic monkey lets you re size, play with it…or maybe find a photography STUDENT…who can add YOUR book to his/her portfolio…I know it’s overwhelming…but YOU CAN DO THIS!!! Good luck to you!

    • Hi – and thank you!!! I went online for the manual for this older camera but I don’t understand it! Having my daughter translate – hope she can – or will need to look for an alternative camera. There aren’t enough pixels in the pics I took yesterday to size the image properly for Kindle upload. I need to know this NEXT before I start trying to add onto the main image – it’s not MADE to add onto!! It sits there so precariously – it took 3 hours yesterday just to get it propped to stay for pics level and plumb – that a hard sneeze would topple it! Already the bottom piece with my name on it fell off! HA!!

      I was so READY to be done with this job yesterday! Not quite! This is a 4.0 mega pixel camera – but that still tells ME nothing. I tried propping the camera on a rung of my ladder – not in a Craig’s list local – this WILL work! It has to! Just needs a few more steps – and encouragement helps so MUCH!!! Thanks!

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