I hope I am enjoying the very long and complicated process of creating the art for this book’s cover!!  I awoke this morning and back to work I went — Mod Podging the covering over the 14 black and white rings that will be attached at some point – no idea when or where!

Here they are drying – on the work chair!

glue b w rings

This is a very sticky process!  I have to work very fast and be very careful my fingers do not stick to the wet – very fragile – tissue paper.  I found myself thinking about ‘alchemynow’, how I am – as it seems I have done so often throughout my life – trying to make something good and useful, if not perhaps also a bit pretty – out of nothing but nothing – or so it seems.

These rings were cut from the tops of cans, first glued to a layer of toilet paper to cushion their hard surface and to provide a pure white background for the see-through tissue paper.  Great.  Garbage and TP!!  Oh, well, a gal’s gotta do (use) what a gal’s gotta do (use)!

At first I thought two of these rings would be attached to the sides of my name that will run across the very bottom of the cover.  But the b & w in part represents the very sick split Borderline Personality Disorder broken brain-mind of abusive Mother.  I don’t think I want anything to do with her down there by my name!

I thought the placement of these rings (there are also 5 solid circles of the same diameter gluing right now) would help to visually tie together the distinctly separate parts to the cover image.  Well, I don’t think I wish my name to be tied into this directly!  I have worked from birth to find a way to be myself!

So this might be the way the bottom of the book cover will look.  This is 6″ tall with a flexible curved top edge (there’s a useful reason for that), and is 32″ wide.  I will next apply yet ANOTHER layer of heavy cardboard to the back with the corrugated ribs running in opposite direction as these pieces want to bend up in a curve at the center as soon as pressure is taken off of them!

name 5 002

Well, onwards and upwards.  Literally.  I have the bottom part of the cover completed but not attached.  Now I need to work on the top of it.  This is quite the construction process!


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