More time is required to complete the art image for the cover of this book.  And I mean just that — the passage of time.  Letting glue dry takes exactly that.

carboard gluing 001

This step required good old-fashioned wood glue to hold the bedroom wall panels onto their supporting heavy cardboard backing.  Nothing like a little weight and pressure to make sure the waiting for this part of the process to dry goes properly!

carboard gluing 002

Here are the taped together tin cans from yesterday’s pictures turning into pillars!  This step took spray adhesive.

Now, to wait for time and modern stickiness to do its work.

Meanwhile, as I did yesterday, I will go into town and volunteer at our local nonprofit thrift store with my friend.  The two main women who work there are faced with disconnecting their much-loved mother from life support today — such a sad, sad day for them — and so shortly before Mother’s Day.

The donations at the store are piled up in dump-truck proportions!  More volunteers are needed if any readers would like to come assist!


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