Working with materials I have available to me in my house and yard has forced me to think my way forward in this art project along specific lines.  Because I may or may not be a weaver — I have not decided although I CAN weave and I used to weave and I have a loom with all its apparatus here that I MIGHT use in the future — I realized I have a roll of corrugated paper (that is used to keep threads separated when the loom is warped) that is perfect for the next step in this cover art process.

I realized last night I wanted cylindrical shapes rising along the sides of the main image.  I thought, “Gee, I’ll have to go to the hardware store and buy some PVC pipe the right diameter.”  Then I realized I have cans that are exactly what I need if I tape them together.  There they are in this picture along with the corrugated paper:

carboard priming 001

Because this corrugated paper is stiff it can be formed around the cans.  However, because I am using tissue paper I need to prime the paper first:

carboard priming 002

I find myself thinking today about all the mundane steps it takes to make an image such as this one — and how many times in life the mundane has to take place so that the beauty of a life can come together at all.  The point for me right now is that I continue to have ideas for what this image needs, continue to find the resources I need, and continue through the slow laborious parts of the job so that the WHOLE image can appear!


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