There is no possible way for photographs to begin to convey the charm of this garden along the south borderline between Mexico and the U.S.  I was greatly joyed at having three people actually come visit the garden last Saturday.  One sells potted plants at our local Farmers’ Market — she took home hundreds of starts for plants from the garden and no sign of the tiniest dent was made in this budding and blooming oasis among the dusty dirt of our pre-monsoon high desert landscape.


garden april 30 2013 001

The Mermaid Rose – scent from heaven at dawn and dusk.  There’s my adobe chicken coop in the background – and the rusty double border fences.

garden april 30 2013 002

Darlow’s Enigma – wild rose, blooms spring to freeze

garden april 30 2013 003

The John Cabot rose with pink salvia and Sundancer Daisies

garden april 30 2013 004

South view of bed with several kinds of flowers in it including the Darlow’s Enigma

garden april 30 2013 005

Such lovely pink!

garden april 30 2013 006

Oh, well – lovely new blooms even though I have forgotten the name of this hardy desert perennial!

garden april 30 2013 007

They all loved our winter rains!

garden april 30 2013 008

The Nearly Wild rose coming into bloom.  A modest grower, very easy to grow and maintain!

garden april 30 2013 009

My friend calls my garden “the Beetlejuice garden.”

garden april 30 2013 010

Perennial petunias and wonderful sage that blooms only once a season – and that season is now!

garden april 30 2013 011

Lovely deep red salvia.

garden april 30 2013 012

There are the two rust brown tall Mexican border fences in the back of the picture.

garden april 30 2013 013

So lovely – and will be lovier yet come mid-July when our summer rains arrive!

garden april 30 2013 014

The very hardy John Cabot rose.

garden april 30 2013 015

This rose is the tenderest of the bunch – but when it blooms I NOTICE!


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5 thoughts on “+MORNING AMONG THE ROSES (April 30, 2013)

    • Have a wonderful day, Gingercat! Yep, the only distance between me and the border is the stretch of weeds in between my back fence and the boundary fences. Illegal immigration is a BIG DEAL here – feels like a police state to those not familiar with those massive Border Patrol operations that TRY to keep them out.

  1. I do love that John Cabot rose- what a beautiful color. Your garden is wonderful, and I know the soil and water you have to work with…congratulations!

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