I am still on break from my book writing!  This is a small collection of links to music I drum along with – just for fun!  I am hoping to branch out to other styles of music – and hoping to find local company to drum with!


Just FUN!!!

Santana & Clapton – ”Jingo” live at the Crossroads Guitar Festival



Marc Anthony – his fans in BLISS – free concert in Mexico City — !!!!!  entire concert at this link –



32 albums to this group — Enanitos Verdes — http://www.amazon.com/Enanitos-Verdes/e/B000APEC2M/works/ref=ntt_mus_teaser?_encoding=UTF8&sn=d



Just FUN







This is so SWEET!!!  takes me a-w-a-y!!!!  Love it – honest and humble



Peru (with cheerleaders!)



I use the slide bar through this – great kongas – fantastic drum solo at 44 on bar – ‘Thunder Drums’

Larry Harlow & Latin Legends Of fania – 40 Aniversario



just a fun song – dancing hands beat

Hector “El Torito” Acosta-Quizas si, Quizas no (LETRA)



I believe – Brazilian

Enanitos verdes – Tu carcel.



Adventura has a lot of great music – poppish

La Tormenta Aventura


Aventura – Los Infieles



dumb commercial – then…. fun beat (simple)

Juan Magan – Bailando Por Ahi



fun latin beat – simple – makes my hands dance — so many ways to drum this!!

PRINCE ROYCE – Incondicional



a fun song – makes my hands dance




Have to be in the mood for this one –

Tito “El Bambino” El Patrón – Llama Al Sol



sweet beat – hands/fingers enjoy this – just happy

Toby Love – Casi Casi



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  1. I’m not sure if I can adequately express what finding this blog a week ago has meant to me. A week ago I was in a “crisis”… again and somehow found this blog. What a gift.
    I am 55, female, veteran, rape survivor, cancer survivor and, yes, abuse survivor. The mere fact of knowing what has been happening in my life and in my head/heart all these years is overwhelmingly positive.
    I am currently receiving counseling through the VA and am finally ready to do this. Yippee! I now realize just how painful this journey may be, but I am finally ready for it.
    I have to say that I just read one of your old posts about Levine and really enjoyed it and laughed at all the “bricks” that were tossed.
    You clearly have an indefatigable nature, a great sense of humor and are brilliant, especially in your insights. That is a gift we share, you and I. I wonder if that is the “gift” all of us affected share.
    A lot of what I’ve read, (thanks to your links), talks about the somatic state, but I wonder if it’s not those other lucky folks who escaped unharmed to adulthood who are not the somatic ones.
    We seem to think at a “higher” level even though our emotional responses are at a lower level, the amygdala. It may take us longer to process everything that happens to us, merely because we DO process it and not bypass it.
    I especially am interested in learning more about what you wrote about the need to speak or write in order to connect the two sides of our brains. Absolutely fascinating.
    I relate to all of what is written by you and the other folks who respond here. It is the first time in my 55 years that I actually feel like I “belong”. Thank you!

    After I process this a little better I will post more and I will absolutely continue to follow this blog.


    • Welcome, Lisa!!! Wonderful insights! Thank you!!!! I just wrote that in my chapter yesterday – that we may see our body’s interferences (rapid survival responses, etc.) as ‘disabilities ‘ but we have different, or ‘diffabilities’!!!!

      There are some profound insights from commenters on this blog! Yours included! Ours is a difficult but thrilling journey — we live in an exciting time when the science is getting it right about early trauma – and we can access this information — and we can find one another!!!

      There are many thousands of pages on this blog — and on the ‘workspace’ arm of this blog, as well. Very glad you are here and very glad to hear from you!!! Linda – alchemnynow

  2. Lovely Linda! So light hearted and innocent and good for the soul. I haven’t listened to all.
    Funny I’ve been looking for meditative drumming and music to help me relax and sleep. I’ll also
    Try these. I had q big trigger event this saturday :(. So found the most relaxing music helpful in
    Calming my brain (which was having those implosions – what felt like!). I found some
    Very simple and repetitive rattle and drumming at: http://www.shamanshearth.com.au/20-music-for-shamanic-journeys/
    It helped a lot and am almost back on track. Love and enjoy your break!

    • Thank you for that link!!!! Big trigger events are awful, I am so sorry — but glad to know you know how to help your BODY restore itself so the rest of you can!!!

      I think I have met a woman in town to drum with – we will see. She is also a severe trauma survivor — so we come from the same planet!!! I will post how that goes!!!!

      Many many blessings to you!!! Do you listen to Pandora radio (free)? You can put in music you like and create whole stations! I will try it with this link you sent! so GOOD to hear from you! much love! Linda – alchemy now

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