I think of the expression “sorting things out” as being British, but my son used the phrase in an email to me today — so maybe it’s catching on in America.  It’s a good phrase.

Solving problems by sorting things out.  I like that, because once all is said and done that is very often exactly what has happened.  It is very nice to have input from other people during the sorting out process.  Sometimes it is even required.

It has helped me to verbalize my way through my personal “show stoppers” lately.  I hauled my laptop up to our local laundromat cafe today to jump-start my flagging writing.  Once I am in full-flow I am quite content to write at home, but when I am snagged I find the social setting helpful, as it was today.

A friend of mine snapped my entire conflict shut in the nutshell:  “All you need to do, Linda, is write these books.  Just write the story.  It is not yours to worry one bit about what anyone ever thinks of it.  It is your job to write them.”


Clear enough!  Freedom!

In the end it is the job of whomever edits these, still most hopefully my daughter, to decide what to do with technical concerns like what to include and what to change.  That sorting out job will be hers.  It is not mine.

I really DO like the concept, sorting things out.  It sounds doable, natural, and a peaceful way to get past a complication without being remotely aggressive or antagonistic.  Just sort it out.



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