After hitting a book writing discouragement low last Saturday, and through the help of loved ones Sunday, I went back at the task of writing the series’ volume #4 and just completed it.  Part Four – Up Down Mountain Waltz is now with its editor.

There’s a part of me that naturally resists being sucked into my severely abusive BPD Mother’s so-sweet story.  I KNOW what the other side of that woman was – the side that NEVER displays itself in her writings – which is what “The Demise of Mildred” series – as I write Mildred’s forensic biography – is about:  Her invisible-to-others dark side.

I was 8 years old and in 3rd grade when the long ago winter of 1959 events Mildred’s letters in this #4 manuscript unfolded.  My story does not belong in these volumes of “Demise” – and I will not complete my books until I have these works on my mother completed.  Yet I am left after this most recent long-book haul with inspirations close to my soul of things that matter to me – as touched deeply by what is contained in Up Down Mountain Waltz.

I don’t have to write these things right now, however.  I have this very tidy manuscript – and soon book – to return to when it’s MY TIME to write.  Dinner is cooked and is sitting on the stove – cooling off.  I don’t want that to happen – so off I go into my present moments to enjoy a little well-earned relaxation before tomorrow’s beginning on manuscript #5.


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