If every single person who has the capacity to care about the well-being of children had a child walk into their yard, into their home, in the state of complete meltdown despair, terror, sorrow, hopelessness – and need – that I did two days ago (see post links below) – perhaps some needed changes on behalf of suffering children would REALLY begin to happen.

I challenge everyone to imagine how such a scenario would play itself out for you, for any battered child who came for your help, any differently than this has happened for Sabrina — and for me.

The law is completely on the side of battering parents – it is NOT on the side of infants and children, no matter what we want to pretend differently to ourselves about the TRUTH!  Again, see:  State by State — United States statutes as they pertaining to spanking and child abuse

We still legally sanction, condone and support parental bullying, terrorism and assault against infants and children – no matter what we might wish to comfort ourselves by believing to the contrary.


Please take a look at the information in this post:

*Preschooler empathy

It is important to understand that as with the information about ‘kindling’ that I popped into my last post, insecure attachments create empathy disorders that can NEVER really be repaired.

People like to throw around words like ‘plasticity’ and ‘resiliency’ as if those words have any real meaning in a real conversation about what matters to children who are terrorized and traumatized by hatred, stupidity and abuse.  THEY DON’T — !!

I see the image of a cake in my mind — all prettily frosted and ready to be eaten.  Oops!  A cake built in terror and trauma?  Let’s pretend we can just FIX it down the road in a child’s/person’s life.


All we can learn about healing ‘later on’ – is like baking a secondary cake.  You cannot put these two cakes together as one.  You cannot bake a second ‘better’ or ‘right’ cake later on, down the road once the damage to a growing child’s body and brain has been done in an insecure and unsafe world — and pretend that things are now OK!!

Sabrina will NEVER be OK as if she had been treated with tender love, care, respect during these developmental years she is concluding now.

Sabrina will spend the rest of her LIFE suffering consequences from the wounding harm that has been done to her and is continuing to be done to her.

Please take a few minutes to read the above link and to THINK about what it is saying – and what the implications are for anyone who has not had a safe and secure attachment environment during their earliest years — which is true for at least half of our population to one degree or another.

We can celebrate our little holidays and pretend we are individually happy while we ignore the plight of suffering infants and children if we want to.  Go right ahead.  Who is to care?

The pain of children does not stop on holidays.


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