Of course I normally delight in waking to head out into my garden to tackle a project for the day – BUT there is a limit!  As I mentioned in my post yesterday there is one area of my garden I was content on leaving the way it is – until months ago my neighbor on the west tied her large Bull Mastiff up by her front door so she has no choice but to make her ugly, stinking messes right by the fence.  I see this every time I exist my back door on this narrow side of my house/garden:

It gets much worse than this as time goes on.  Often it builds up for months before one of the grown children clean it up – which seems to be happening less and less often.  There is NOTHING physically wrong with this neighbor woman that she can’t clean this up herself!  I imagine her kids must be disgusted and sick of the part they have been playing in this crappy dysfunction!

This woman walks directly past this crap every time she goes in or out of her house – and does not care.  I am not about to try to have a civilized conversation with her to try to ‘manipulate’ her into doing what I want – CLEAN THIS UP AND KEEP IT CLEAN!!!

Nope, I am stuck dealing with this myself on my side of the fence.  This is NOT a project to delight me!  Work, much work, expense — time I would much rather spend on other more friendly projects —


I am so reminded of survivors of infant and child neglect and abuse.  We had the CRAP from our abusers dumped onto us from the time we were so little NONE of it belonged to us.

But who is going to FIX the horrible rotten stinky mess?

WE ARE if anything is going to be improved at all.  And this includes building our own boundary fences in the present when we need to between our own beautiful life and the toxic dramas that belong to others.  It also includes detecting and repairing-healing the messes inside of our own self the best that we can that are directly in consequence to the evil treatments we received during our most vulnerable developmental years of infancy and childhood.

So – I will try to keep my attitude positive as I tackle this stupidly necessary job.  The hotter it gets outside the stinkier that ugly mess becomes!  The more it rains now this time of year the more the crap steams when the sun comes out.  There will be no time for the poopdy-doo to petrify in the heat – it just plain is NOT going to go away!

Yes, I feel angry and disgusted at my neighbor!  But I will not change her!

I have a rediculous waste-of-time-and-money job to do and I best get to it.

No complaining in the world, no pointing fingers, no amount of negative emotion, resentment, wishful thinking is going to block out this ugliness.

For as beautiful as the entire rest of my large yard is becoming as I transform it into garden – this sight of CRAP is what first greets me outside my own door 20 feet away.  Trying to find a solution is up to me.


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