I am about to join a woman in my neighborhood for lunch at our local golf course.  Perhaps we will turn out to be friends.  Both she and I have a history with weaving, spinning and other fiber arts.  I need a jump start in that direction.  I enjoy weaving.  I detest warping the loom (a time consuming and unbelievably tedious task!).  I also am of such a practical bent that if I can’t figure out something useful to weave – well – obviously, I will not weave at all.

It seems only by same strange twist of fate that the oldest golf course in Arizona is in our small unincorporated town of 700 here on the Mexican-American borderline.  I am not a golfer – but in the interests of lunch I will head over there in a moment or two.


An old friend asked me an interesting question in an email last night:  “I THINK IT INTERESTING THAT THINGS OF THE SPIRIT ARE SO STRONGLY ON YOUR MIND.  HAS IT ALWAYS BEEN THAT WAY?”

Always is a very long time – but my instant answer is “yes.”  Having spent the first 18 years with insanely abusive Mother making sure I was in HER personal hell instead of herself – growing up didn’t let me move far off my own personal center.  And seeing how my soul is at my center — well, there was nowhere else I could go – evidently – but forward in that direction!

So – I see myself as fortunate beyond belief!  It’s a mystery to me – all of it — but I am OK with that.


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