POST TWO:  This is a complex posting in two parts that refers to a topic so vast and complex that I cannot really even begin to address it – no matter how I might try.  The first writing today lies below in POST ONE.  This section will be my attempt to try to describe in part what has been occupying my sleeping-dreaming time throughout the past two nights.


These words I write here are simply my attempt to describe how I comprehend what I have been dreaming about and do not reflect anyone else’s ideas.

In the dreams I have been shown a vast interlinking highway that comes to me in words as “a spiritual internet of thought” to which “on ramps” and “exit ramps” are being built.  There are masses of people intently hard at work on the construction of this system.  Although in many ways this “internet” is not unlike what we know of the internet we use in this material world, the one in my dreams is also entirely different.

This spiritual internet is absolutely – and I mean absolutely protected by God.  It cannot be accessed in any way by any human being who does not have pure loving good intentions concerning all aspects of this linking system.  It is not liable to any failings of any kind because it does not exist in the material world.

In my dreams it seems that it is mostly women who are concerned with the use of this system of thought.


For background, readers might wish at some point to read some of the information contained here:



The dreams are about what is needed to nurture humanity in every necessary way.  The dreams tell of very difficult transitional stages in its evolution that the human race is likely to go through in the not-very-distant future.  These struggles are birth pains which will end in the existence of peace on earth among humankind.

What will be required through these growth and developmental stages are the qualities humanity at present considers to be ‘feminine’.  Women also know how to sustain life on every level — and by accessing this “spiritual internet” I was shown in my dreams women will not only never forget what we already know, we will remember what seems now to have been forgotten, and we will share ALL THAT WE KNOW and all that we learn with each other (because there is no difficulty with transmitting information across time or space) when that information is needed — anywhere by anyone on the planet.

Men are not and will not ever be barred access to the information this “spiritual internet” holds — the requirement for purity of soul is the same — souls are without gender.  Information this “web” is providing specifically about nurturing humanity has yet to become common knowledge to men – but this is changing and will continue to do so.

That’s about it for the dreams.  VERY busy people.  LOTS of very busy people already know this system exists.  LOTS of very busy people are increasing ways to access the system, and are finding ways to use the information within that system for nurturing, healing and expanding the ever-advancing positive state of the human race toward its ultimate destiny of creating a peaceful global civilization based on true spiritual knowledge and practice.


POST ONE:  This may be the strangest post I have ever written because it is based upon what I dreamt all night last night and the night before.  This post is based on what cannot be seen in this tangible, material world.  And it is based upon what I know about what I knew about a long time ago in the middle of my 7th year of life.

In some ways I have hopes that if I write this post the dreams of these past two nights will not come back to me.  In other ways I criticize myself, “Why, Linda, would you wish these dreams to disappear?”

My response to myself would be, “I don’t want these dreams if I am the only one having them.  I do not wish to have this kind of dream if it is nothing but pure nonsense.  The dreams speak of things too important for me to have them if there is nobody else to whom I can speak of them to, nobody else who will understand them.”


At age 60, as I look back to something I knew at age 7, I know that it didn’t bother me in any way to know what I knew then nobody else I knew — knew it.  I know now that what I knew when I was 7 was absolutely true.  But back then I had no way to comprehend the implications or the ramifications of what I knew (though at 7 I didn’t even know that what I knew was something that even COULD be known!).


What I have dreamt about these past two nights is connected, I strongly suspect, to what I knew when I was 7.  If this is true, then I feel as singularly alone with this information as I was at age 7 — only now as an adult I recognize such strangeness when I detect it!

I spoke to no one about what I knew at 7 because it never entered my mind to put that awareness into words.  Now I at least dare to write here about something that I could class as a being a riddle more than anything else.

In the days when most believed earth to be the center of our universe, to speak otherwise was to either speak heresy — or a riddle.

In the days when most believed the earth to be flat, to suggest that the earth is round instead was either heresy — or a riddle.

What I knew at age 7 along with the expansion of that awareness through these two repeating dreams would, in today’s world, mostly be considered with the same dead-end, narrow-minded perceptions among nearly every human being alive.

*Age 7 – What I knew at Easter, 1959

But, most thankfully, not among ALL humans.  There are some people who have also been blessed (I can think of no other way to explain how it is possible to know something that is important and true way before the majority of other humans ‘get it’) with understanding truth that I have also been given to understand.


I will never be able to say in this lifetime that I have honored to the best of my ability the truth that I have been blessed to recognize.  I come up very short when it comes to be able to live up to — inside and out — the guidance about spiritual matters that God has chosen to reveal to me (for reasons I will never know in this lifetime).

What I do glimpse in my understanding, and have glimpsed since I was in the middle of my 7th year of life, is that God put into action a great plan for humanity when He created us.  This plan has always been moving forward — and humanity with it.

This plan can be glimpsed by anyone who can read the prayer posted at this link with an open mind and an open heart —


Peace will come to this planet.  Peace will come to and through the one species that has been created with powers to access and to comprehend spiritual realities — the human race.  The choice has been given to us as to how the changes that need to happen will transpire.


There is some very important information posted at this link:



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  1. This dream of yours is very interesting to me. Is there anything about nature in your dream. I’ve been getting this message that nature is trying to tell us something and that ‘God’ is facilitating this communication. Obviously that’s not news but this is different. The message I’ve been getting is that nature has been sending us a message or attempting to speak with us in terms we don’t understand because nature does not have a voice as we perceive yet it communicates in the only way it can which is by showing it’s force. What do you think about this?

    • Hello web design – and thank you for responding!

      A number of things come to my mind in response to what you are saying. The first is that I do believe that even though women and men are equal in all ways, we are not the same in this lifetime (though our souls do not have a gender, while we are in a body in this lifetime on earth we do have these differences). I would not be surprised to find, therefore, that information concerning the same overall Big Picture about not only what is currently happening on our globe but also concerning what is COMING — could be different information ‘received’by each gender.

      My sense of my dreams is that there is a kind of ’emergency preparedness’ going on among souls who are ready and willing to ‘listen’. My sense is that we are on the verge of changes that will require of humanity huge adjustments – as we move into the BETTER future.

      I do have a sense, now that you mention this, that changes in the natural world are very much a part of what is happening and will be happening. In the end, all changes will lead to a positive outcome (a peaceful and far more highly spiritually evolved united-as-one-family humanity.

      Humans are half animal (living with a physical body) and half spiritual (with a complex and wonderful soul) in this lifetime. The heavy emphasis on fulfilling our materialistic ‘animal’ passions is leaving us devoid of the spiritual powers we need to access from God in order to be healthy.

      It is one of our very real spiritual obligations to God to take care of all life – to be KIND and compassionate to all living beings and entities. Some call these Kingdoms (mineral kingdom has existence, no power of growth or movement; vegetable kingdom with the power of growth; animal kingdom with power of growth and of movement; humans containing all these kingdoms plus a soul).

      There are and will be repercussions to our irresponsible actions regarding the entire global environment we live in. I believe we are very near a ‘tipping point’ – beyond which there will be what I’d call a ‘chain reaction’ which humans will probably experience as extreme hardship in many ways – that we do not currently imagine.

      My dreams are concerned with preparations that seem to be being made on a ‘higher level’ to help humans survive as a species once this tipping point has been passed.

      I seem to be in an ‘overseer’ position in these dreams — being able to cross great distances to watch (no doubt there are guides of some kind showing me ‘around’) the preparations that are being made. This super highway that is of spirit-and-mind is being built and utilized increasingly NO MATTER WHAT the stages will be that humans will go through. It is something ‘of the future’ – something new – something that seems far more sophisticated that the ‘primitive internet’ via computers that we currently rely on.

      There seems to me to be signs that the new information link is about JOY – about community — being built for the ‘new race’ of humans the Bible has prophesies about – and that the Baha’i writings describe in detail. The old humanity is going to pass away and a new race of humans is evolving.

      The new race WILL be able, I believe, to hear the natural world. All indigenous peoples have been able to hear and communicate with the spiritual reality of other life on this earth (and probably way beyond). But the time has come for all humans to join as one family. There will always be specializations among us – every soul has its own talents, abilities, passions, aptitudes, etc. Some will always be attuned to different – how would I say this – needs around us in this circle of life.

      I love it that I am ‘being shown’ what, yes, is an “Information Super Highway”. The information that is of true value is not about consumer/corporate greed. We need information now about sustaining life, about building advanced spiritually astute civilizations built upon truth, morality, goodness, virtues — like generosity, humility, kindness, wisdom, patience, moderation, compassion, forgiveness, etc. — God will not allow us to continue to harm life around us or one another for much longer.

      The spiritually dead need to wake up, and yes, that includes being able to hear/listen and see with the ears and eyes of our soul. This is the most exciting time in the history of our planet – our great potential as a species is about to come to fruition. Whatever information any of us receive as these changes are coming to pass (some call it the crystallization of God’s grace into a new life on this planet) is important.

      • What you are saying is so close to what has been revealed to me it’s uncanny. Though I am not being given this information in dreams. I’m being constantly bombarded with this information in my waking hours. Voices are speaking to me and these thoughts just pop into my head while I’m pondering other things.

        It all started in 2009 and everything seems to be coming to pass in this year. I’m not one to believe in the doomsday conspiracies but so many things have been revealed to me in the last few years that I’ve been spending an inordinate amount of time researching these revelations.

        One of your comments makes me wonder if you’ve been exposed to the teachings of the AMORC or The Rosicrucian Order? The Rosicrucian Order has an international website on which was published some of the basic principles of their teachings. They mention in those articles the concept of the “mineral, animal and vegetable” kingdoms. These concepts may not be new or even unique but it was the first time I had heard of them.

        Here’s a link to their site if you’re interested.


        For me it all seems to have started (though I didn’t know it at the time, much like you) with a dream that I had around 1987. The dream which was just the first of dozens maybe 50 or more in all that I’ve had over my lifetime all started coming to pass in 2010 when the voices started.

        The strangest part about it is it almost seemed like a waking dream at times. Even stranger is that I can remember times in the past that I had day dreamed about events and now these events are occurring in my life. They are so insignificant on a global scale but they are unmistakable to me.

        Now I’m finding that things that things that I had only mused about to myself seem to be manifesting in the real world on a global scale. It’s hard to say if it’s because of or if the global events are affecting my perception.

        Since these things started happening I’ve been looking back at my life and I’m astonished that I find that world events seems to line up with events in my life. It’s as if my life is a mirror of the world around me and that the world around is being affected by my life. Not in the esoteric sense but in a very real way as in ripples in society, politics, religion and the world economy.

        • Curious, how old are you? Any Native American or Celtic ancestry that you know of?

          No, never heard of The Rosicrucian Order

          I knew at age 7 as mentioned in this post that there was far more to the story

          there certainly is

          I was extremely blessed and fortunate not to have to search for long once I left home to find what I needed – there’s a LOT to this, but perhaps you might be interested in taking a look — this is now the time in human history for us to investigate the truth for our own self — so everyone has their own path and journey



          I would never believe that one person can influence what happens in the world, though it is a spiritual reality that our soul can travel in dreams (and no doubt in other ways) – into past, future, etc. There’s info at the link above about this — and lots more

          A trick for we humans is to get out self/ego out of the picture so that soul and spirit can communicate with us clearly…..

          • I’m now 41, I’ll be 42 on November, 6. I won’t try to convince you that my life is actually affecting the world on a global scale as it sounds crazy to me too and yet I can’t ignore the evidence that has been revealed and continues to be revealed on a daily basis almost.

            I don’t think anyone in this world is ready to accept the things I’ve been saying. So, like yourself, I feel very alone but I appreciate you taking the time to listen to my rant. I will check out the site to which you’ve pointed me.

            Running across your Blog today is just further evidence that it was destined because the timing like so many other things are uncanny. Like you said we all have our own journey. It just seems that my journey was planned long ago (maybe even before I was born).

            • forgot to say – I see DNA as ancestral memory – our life gifts and ‘missions’ can be presented to us through our DNA memory…..

              • This is also very interesting as I believe the same thing. It has been revealed to me that there is at least one that I am fairly sure of and possibly more entities (for lack of a better word) that transcend a single lifetime.

                Whether it’s a particular identity or just the same role which is carried on from generation to generation I cannot be sure of but I do believe I’ve found a common thread among some historic features which I believe share the same identity or role as unifiers who always show up around a particular cycle of time which I’ve measured to be 500 years time.

                • I forgot to add to this particular topic that when reading about the religion you’re speaking of, “Baha’i”, I was surprised to find that they mention Zoroaster, as that is one of the possible links I’ve traced back through time. There’s also a link to a prophet I’d never heard of before but I’m finding that his appearance was at a very interesting time as well, which was Mani.

                  I don’t know if you’ve heard of this “prophet” but he appeared around 200 years after the death of Christ. He had attempted to start a religion around the teachings of the ancients before Christ. The religion is known as Manichaeism.

                  The reason I’m hesitant to mention the names throughout history I’ve linked together is that this is all still very new to me. I know there have been so many religions throughout the ages that are probably not common knowledge and it’s just the proliferation of new ideas and dissemination of old ideas that are bringing these things to light so I’m remaining of an open mind at this point to the possibilities as I believe everyone should because there is no one on the face of this planet that has all of the answers but with so many people in the world today (7 billion people) I think there are going to be a lot of radical ideas which we will have to consider going forward to peacefully coexist.

            • Carl Jung used two important words in his writings: synchronicity and numinous (numinosity)

              Understanding those words in the context in which Jung used them is helpful — part of the problem gifted seers/healers have in today’s world is that the old language/words are disappearing that let all, no matter what culture they were born into, be able to think about and converse with others about their experiences

              It is very clear that the attack against the indigenous people of North America very deliberately included the destruction of their ancient, power-full lifeways — as it included the deliberate destruction and abolishment not only of their spiritual ways, but of their LANGUAGES

              Jung also wrote (he was a terrible writer, by the way) about how mythologies speak from and about the collective unconscious psyche of our species. The professor who formed the art therapy program I graduated from also relied on the writings of Thomas Moore and of James Hillman.

              I am wondering if you have ever been able to spend time in the Philippines. Just my guess, but being there on that land could be of great ‘help’ to you.

              You are the same age as my oldest daughter. On an interesting yet ‘shallow’ level there exists a series of books on what has been termed ‘The Indigo Children’. You are of the cusp generation (I of the pre-cusp generation) for those children who are increasingly being born – I believe as HELPERS to the human race and to the planet at this most critical point in history.

              Although it might not seem like it, this time right now is the darkest time that has ever been, or will ever again be, on this planet – and for our species. The amount of God’s grace, love and light that is available now is greater than ever before. The truth is that a 500,000 year cycle (called the cycle of prophesy) has ended (did so in 1844) – and a new 500,000 year cycle (called the cycle of fulfillment) has begun.

              All of this is elucidated in the Baha’i Faith writings – It was with the beginning of this new age that God released massive amounts of information (all goodness comes from the one God who is the source of all religions on earth that He sent us throughout our evolution) have been released, hence the massive surge of scientific advancements beginning at this time as this newly released/available information began to be accessed.

              The trouble with we humans is that being materialistic beings we went for the info that served our lower nature and have left out the spiritual information that we need to continue living here…..

              • This is very interesting and again enlightening as I have been discovering a lot of the things you speak of on my own but from different sources. I will check out the site you pointed me to when I get more time.

                Also, your mentioning of the cycles is another topic that I’ve been studying and pondering on a lot lately. I’ve also found that there is a whole field of science devoted to the study of cycles which is currently only being used to try to predict changes in the economy. Again, to your point just catering to our self-serving needs as a species and is not at all concerned about the general welfare of the human race as a whole or our responsibility as the shepherds of this world to nature.

                So many things have been revealed to me in the last three years that I had to start keeping a journal of them earlier this year. I’ve filled up a whole notebook already of daily “coincidences” that on the surface may seem completely unrelated and very subjective but as a whole I’m finding that the preponderance of them are evidence in and of themselves of something going on that I do not yet understand.

                It’s hard to call them revelations at times because some of the things which have become known to me are more of a feeling than actual information being imparted. But one such revelations which seems to have a recurring theme in the world around us today is our struggle to get into outer space and the challenges which we are constantly having to overcome. There is a message which I feel is important for everyone to know (though it’s not the only one it’s seems very timely) which is that as a species “we must make it off this world to survive”. However, we will not be allowed to leave this world until we have put our own house in order.

                Another interesting point you make and which has been coming out in many news headlines is that science is starting to recognize that there is a global consciousness. I have the feeling (again something that has been imparted to me from some unknown source) that the “sleeper is awakening” and perhaps that is the meaning of your dream. I envy you in the sense that what you are “seeing” in your dream is only something that I hear about and am sensing but I cannot “see it” as you do.

                • Hope you post back here as you progress – !!! I hope sometimes you get to REST!!!! Sounds like you are very busy!! Will be thinking of you! All the best, Linda – alchemynow

          • Oh sorry, I forgot to mention my ethnicity. I’m half Filipino and half Caucasian. Thanks again for your time.

            I look forward to hearing more about your dreams. If it’s anything like the dreams I was having, they’ll be going on for a long time.

            • I feel honored to have had you loop through my writings! My guess is that you probably have healer/seer genes from your ancestry. I have on many occasions noticed times when I am experiencing situations in my life that I suspect are directly linked to ‘the work’ of my ancestors.

              American culture as a whole seems to me to be so egocentric that we have lost touch with a reality in which each of us is linked in a long chain that carries ‘work’ belonging to our families – going way back. I don’t think any one of us lives long enough to complete this work – and that the work is designed to move along in time —

              Years ago I spent two months staying at a friend’s house in the north woods of Minnesota on one of the Reservations here. The house was very large. There were several people that came together for a brief span there. The bedroom I shared with my 7 year old son was right next to the room of a Native American healer. Many nights I listened to him carry on conversations in his language all night with his helpers. Of course I could only hear his side of the converse, did not understand his language – and that didn’t matter, of course.

              Many people with different gifts are cut off in today’s world from the kind of assistance, guidance, education about their gifts that ancestors had in the past. Although this is probably part of a bigger movement of destiny, it can be hard on gifted ones today.

              I used to know a young Native American woman whose family had become Christian a few generations back. This woman was gifted from birth. She always saw ‘auras’, she could see spirits moving around the land from her birth, through her toddlerhood. When she was old enough to talk she tried to explain her reality to her family. They accused her of being a demonic, possessed witch. Terrible, and her life was very hard and confusing for many years until she reached her adulthood and began to find ways on her own to be OK with who she was.

              She could see dark spirits within the walls of hospitals, within the walls of motel rooms……


              I awoke today also thinking about the work of the psychologist, Carl Jung – if you are at all familiar with his work and thinking. His memoirs, Memories, Dreams and Reflections is worth a read. He refused to let it be published until after his death.

              His work centers on the collective unconscious – which would be a kind of information super highway that all humans access — and live out in our lives.

              Hopefully your dreams have included helpers that are helping you. I also awoke today with my own bias in my thoughts – that anything that comes to/through me must have practical applications for goodness and usefulness to someone-somehow-someplace.

              I have an art therapy masters – I went through a very unique program at the U of NM in Alq – that no longer exists (was run out of town by other more orthodox departments at the U) — We were trained to ‘read the image’ no matter how it appears – in art, song, movement, in the dramas of our lives — as these expressions come from the collective Psyche and as they speak of existence on a much more ancient and larger scale than most people choose to recognize (being as self/ego centric as we are)


              I will also mention a dream I had when I was 20 (40 years ago) that has remained one of great comfort in sustaining my hopes

              I was taken by ‘guides’ up into a tall skyscraper – brought into a room that I would describe as being like a restaurant ‘cept there was no physical food present. There were many table/booths, with divider walls between them that were easy to see over.

              The room had a calming amber glow to it. Everyone at the tables was engaged in soft but intense conversation. The guides walked me throughout the room – it was very large – lots of people in there. Finally they walked me over to a wall where there was a rectangular opening – about waist high, 5 feet wide, 3 feet deep, 3 feet tall. There was a large ‘crystal’ sitting in that opening — round, like a massive diamond, convex/concave — full of colors I had never even imagined before. It emitted this light.

              The guides told me it was the ‘generator’ for all the energy in that room (and beyond). They told me that everyone in that room was ‘a worker’ – for love, healing and positive changes — but not only for this material world. “It” was much larger than this.

              I have since that dream known that those people are my true friends — and for all these years until a month ago I have missed those people, looked for those people, longed for those people — as I have felt alone being who I am – as you mention feeling also.

              A month ago, after 40 years of being a member of the Baha’i Faith (Baha meaning light in Persian, the ‘i’ following meaning ‘follower of the light’) — I understood that of all souls in existence it is those that God for whatever reason has chosen to recognize God’s new light on this earth that are those souls around me.

              There are many other ‘beings of light’ (take the Dalai Lama for one) who for whatever reason God knows are not meant to literally in this world align themselves with Baha’u’llah’s Revelation. This whole ‘thing’ is about eternity, about eternal love and destiny – I think what matters is that we don’t give up, don’t become lost in our sense that we are alone – because we are not alone – never have been, never will be.

              We are given gifts that are capacities of our soul – some a thimble measure, some a gallon bucket!! What matters is that we utilize the capacity we have been given in the best way we know how on the side of right and goodness and truth.


              On a more mundane note — I would mention that on several occasions it has helped me to get index cards, small or the larger ones, and some kind of container for them — and then write/draw ‘pieces’ of things on them — and collect the information in tangible form in this way. Perhaps the dreams you have been given, etc. could be ‘organized’ in this way – giving them a sort of ‘coherency’ — a ‘collective’ integrity/integral connection to one another – to help the bigger vision appear more clearly.

              You are obviously guided — and thank you for stopping by and for writing here. Many, many blessings follow you, surround you — with love!

  2. It sounds to me like you’re describing the “Information Super Highway”. That’s what the internet used to be called back in the 90’s. Maybe I’m reading too much in to your post. What do you think?

    • I posted a reply in another comment. I’m really interested in hearing what you have about nature (if anything) in your dreams.

      The strangest part is I completely understand what you’re saying. I too have been having “revelations” which I have not shared with anyone until now.

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