My guess is that it is only because of flaws in my spiritual knowledge and practice that I ever experience what I am tempted today to call my ‘human psychology’.  Certainly it is a basic reality of being human that human psychology exists at all.  My suspicion is that many, if not all mammals have a psychology.  But I bet it is only we humans that are given the spiritual ability to manipulate our experience of our own — if not other people’s — psychology.

What do I think human psychology might be?  I return to my memory of being nine years old when I was intrigued with what I could see — and not see — when I held two mirrors up to face one another.  I was keenly though not consciously aware of the fact that it was I that interfered with infinite perfection.  It was only because I — using my eyes — was trying to SEE what infinity reflected in infinity looked like that made the object of my desire impossible to see.

I had to tip the mirrors to see into either one of them.  I wonder if human psychology is a similar experience.  I have a psychology because I live a human life in a human body.  My soul is having experiences — my body, my ego self — all of me has experiences that require that the mirrors of spiritual perfection cannot face one another dead on because I am in my own picture.

I often watch the psychology of other people like I am watching a movie.  If I allow myself to be attached or entangled in what other people think and feel I often feel troubled.  Watching my own psychology lets me know that my discomforts are ALWAYS caused by my own imperfections……


And, so it is today.  This is the letter to the editors of our local papers that I wrote this morning — and yes, I am dealing with my own psychology including my disappointments:


Cancellation of Saturday, March 10th Congo drummers’ performance in Bisbee

With apologies I must report that NGOMA ZA KONGO has been most unfortunately delayed in their arrival in Bisbee due to complications in their travel schedule.  In the spirit of warm friendship and flexibility that Bisbee is famous for it is hoped that our current disappointment will not prevent us from enjoying the drummers’ amazing world class performances in the near future.

NGOMA ZA KONGO was scheduled to appear at Bisbee Farmers’ Market this coming Saturday morning, at Turquoise Valley Golf Course from 3:00–4:00 p.m. Saturday afternoon, and at Club Kilimanjaro from 8:30–9:30 p.m. Saturday evening.  ALL of these scheduled performances are cancelled although the group hopes that they can be rescheduled for us in the near future.

Last December an email appeared in NGOMA ZA KONGO’s inbox from a source unknown to the group.  Included were coupon codes for free food, lodging and for 7 free round-trip tickets for the group to travel from the U.S. to Bangkok, Thailand – and back.  Although the group strongly suspected that a joke or a scam was in progress, they indeed did wait on the east coast until Sunday, February 12th so that they could key in the coupon codes that had been given to them to see what would happen.  Sure enough, the 7 free tickets appeared.  I received email confirmation at 6:00 a.m. on February 13th that the group was on their way to perform at festivals throughout Thailand and would return to the U.S. on Tuesday, February 28th.

Unfortunately there was a visa/passport complication that prevented NGOMA ZA KONGO from leaving Bangkok to return to the U.S. as planned.  The American Embassy in Thailand has repaired the problem and the group notified me this morning that they are now scheduled to arrive in Tucson one day too late to meet their performance commitments in Bisbee for this coming Saturday, March 10th.

It is greatly hoped that the group will be able to come to Bisbee at a future date.  Please keep checking the Facebook event page at http://www.tinyurl.com/NgomaZaKongo for future plans and updates!  The offers of assistance and the most-warm reception extended by everyone in the Bisbee area on behalf of efforts to bring these AMAZING world traveling professional Congolese drummers to Bisbee is most appreciated!  Let us not give up hope!


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  1. Hi linda, I’m sorry! I hope with the positive hope that the group will still perform for you all in future. You have done so much to
    Make this event significant for your community – somehow this significance is what was born out of all your work. I’m also disappointed..
    I like your post about the mirrors. Was just thinking recently that we share a bit of others experience through our own – a partnering
    – we can’t do this life completely alone. So I’m suddenly glad to hear how you are doing life and sending hugs to you.
    Thank you always for reflecting – its how you teach I think.
    I loved the post about the animals and human friendships.. So important for such times as we need them.

    • Hi Gingercat! It is good to hear from you. I am very much in the self reflection stage now regarding what might happen next regarding my involvement. When I am not clear about things I simply withdraw.

      It seems to me that now the group will be in Arizona beginning March 10th that they can negotiate directly with the people who had already agreed to host their performances. I am not a paid agent for the group — and it seems to me at this moment that for all the local people I have spoken with this past month on behalf of the drummers if someone else wished to step up to assist me I might feel differently.

      But I don’t expect other people who are very busy in their own lives to make this offer. I am negotiating with myself to see if I am ‘quitting’ by withdrawing my assistance to arrange future performances here.

      No, I don’t wish to even to accomplish this segment of ‘life completely alone’ any longer. All three of my children stepped forward to help me and to support these events. I am honored and very proud and thankful!

      But at this moment I am not at all sure that I wish to remain any kind of a cog in the wheels that must roll around for events such as were planned here to actually take place.

  2. Thank you, dear Monica. I am working to take my own advice to heart, to take all of this in stride in a positive manner. At the moment?

  3. Im sorry Linda, I know you must be so disappointed as you spent so much time and effort organzing all of this. At least you see that you are capable of much more more than you believed. You went into new territory …and did a super job.


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