Of course it matters a great deal to me that I am missing a piece of information that concerns not only me personally, but now to some extent many hundreds of people in the community I life in:  Where in the world is the Congolese drum and dance group, Ngoma Za Kongo?

They were last heard from last Wednesday, February 29th when they emailed us that the complications with their visas/passports had been resolved by the American Consulate so that they were now free to fly out of Bangkok, Thailand.  We were told the group would let us know their time of departure from Thailand.  Today is Sunday, March 4th — and we have not received a word.

Congo Drum Group Facebook Event Page

So — what?

Two words for a nearly infinitely loaded question!

How will that question be answered?

I am being continually and very clearly being reminded that it sure is not I who runs the world!

Obviously.  Not that I wouldn’t mind having some super powers right now…

My delight-full brain just responds with, “They must be in the Bermuda Triangle.”

My OTHER brain, my trying-to-be-remote-and-objective-and-reason-able brain suggests that it doesn’t really matter one single bit what happens in the future!

I suggest to myself that every single bit of energy, care and love that has transpired since last February 9th when I heard from the drummers that they would love to come to our little town has already been invested with value.  Much value.  For myself, for others, in ways that I will never understand.

Life goes on.

Life has meaning.

Life will always be a Mystery, everything continually being invested with Divine and Holy Spirit — whether we wish to consciously recognize that fact or not.

So, what?  There is a mystery in progress – plain and simple.  And I have absolutely NO way of knowing what the ending to this little piece of the Congolese Drum Group story will be!

Wherever you are on the planet, dear drummers, you are LOVED!

In the meantime – everything is perfect.  Everything is as perfect as it is meant to be!  All the wheels that have been put into motion — all the wheels that remain in motion — center upon this one single most important aspect of a life that connects every person on earth with one another — whether we can physically SEE or HEAR them — or not — the greatness of —



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