There is a very interesting article in the most recent issue of TIME magazine about the 30% of our population that fits into the descriptive personality category of INTROVERTED.  The article presents the UP side of this tendency to be a quiet, thoughtful, considering kind of person.  It also presents a picture of the difficulties a natural introvert experiences trying to get along in a brazen, hyper dominant-society powerfully biased toward EXTROVERSION.

Upside of being an introvert  

Published: Tuesday, January 31, 2012 Publication: Time

By: Bryan Walsh

Click here for source of the original article.


I would say that my father tended very strongly toward introversion, my mother toward extroversion.  I wondered as I read the article if parents who tend toward extroversion might be more prone to act out violence and aggression toward their children than an introverted parent would.

There is a whole side of this issue that is involved with actual biochemical balances in a person’s body/brain.  I’ve read some of that research, but I am not going to go hunt for it right now.

The topic is very interesting and I highly recommend a read of this article!  There is even a little quiz presented in the article that can help determine which side of the pendulum swing you might be on yourself.

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