I am still very much ‘at it’ with my own version of music therapy!  I LOVE IT!  I have discovered I evidently have a gift from God with the song writing I certainly never knew I had.  Within the first month of lessons on keyboard last fall a wonderful sweet waltz melody appeared to me (November 18, 2011 to be exact!)  Today the words came that go to the melody:

“When Spirits Lift”

If you feel alone —- think of earth, our home — circled with sharing and caring

The sunshine and rain — the joy and the pain — always come and go so we’ll know

The circle of life — its pleasure and strife — gives lessons to teach us to reach

Way down deep inside — where our truth resides — we have gifts to share shining there.

When we do our best – through every test — our joy lasts longer.  We’re stronger!

So don’t feel bereft. — Let your spirit lift. — Together we smile!  Life’s worthwhile!

I wrote lyrics and music all down for this one today.  Yesterday I did the same for another one called “The Midnight Prayer.”  I am accumulating various musicians to send copies of the music to with hopes that they or someone they know can play/perform/share and enjoy these songs!

As I write songs I am increasingly learning how to PLAY what I hear and write!  I am making gigantic strides as it was only less than 2 months ago I could barely tolerate the sounds of the keyboard itself!

I found an old cassette tape recorder to take in the car with me when I am driving — which is often when entire melodies float through the air, it seems, so I hear them clearly and can sing them — but only until I arrive at some destination, am distracted — and the songs are gone.

I am convinced melodies ALWAYS float in the air around us — God’s gifts.  I believe if I am not the one to catch, capture and write and play them — then someone else will.  The songs float around like beautiful scents in the air that waft along in a breeze, pass us, and then are gone.

Recorder idea all fine and good – but today I forgot the recorder at home when I drove to town.  Sure enough a melody appeared and what was I going to do to capture it?  I still don’t have a musical memory that allows me to carry these songs around until I get to the keyboard.

In a panic I realized my only option was to telephone my daughter who fortunately did not answer her call so I could record the rough draft/sketch of the melody on her voice mail.  I haven’t spoken with her tonight so don’t know what she thought of that!  She is a singer, so she can hopefully just sing what she can hear of my rough draft back to me!

I am fairly certain I know who the song belongs to.  I want to complete it – I am confident the lyrics will arrive once I have the notes down — and gift this woman with this song.  Lyrics started coming while I was in town today.  I wrote the first of them down and then asked the song to WAIT!

We walk upon this earth so softly wind can’t hear us pass by.”

There is much joy for me in this process!  Much joy and healing.  I am extremely grateful and DO NOT take this gift I have discovered for granted!





  1. Have youevery heard of Threshold Choir? Check it out on the internate – http://www.thresholdchoir.org. Threshold choirs sing at bedside all over the world. The songs are written mostly by women – that is where your songs could fit in. I belong to a Threshold Choir in Mt. Prospect, IL – Rainbow Hospice Threshld Choir. It is an amazing group of women & the work is truly healing – for the recipients & for us.

  2. 🙂 Hi Linda, I’m in South Africa. A cool day for a change..
    Thank goodness such a good thing is infinite.

  3. Wow that’s a lovely song Alchemynow! Its so wonderful and surprising to me
    That we people can communicate like this and send prayers for one another
    When we’re half way across the globe. For me its now going on 7:30 am and
    I’m guessing most of you are preparing for sleep!

    The new words of your soon-song made me cry – so true. So beautiful to
    Understand and be understood. I also loved that description of healing –
    Like a doily. And such a cute memory and special to treasure. Thank you
    For sharing how you take the journey to find your shining self. I was feeling
    despairing and helpless. Now because you kindly and openly share what’s
    Helped you I feel there’s hope and it can be done.

    Last night I went to a healing prayer.. My prayer is that you will have sweet dreams
    – and anyone who reads this!

    • Thank you Gingercat! You are PRECIOUS!! We all are PRECIOUS!! Where ARE you, dear?? Soul and spirit do not exist in time and space, I don’t think – God and His mercy and grace are INFINITE as are our souls! With MUCH love! Linda – alchemynow

      • Thank u alchemynow, I read your comments on the article, still to read the whole thing.
        Its very interesting. South africa is am amazing country but I can definitely see the
        Generational impact of trauma from apartheid still affecting out society. So much
        Violence that was part of the very structure affected everyone even those who were
        Not in direct contact with it. We have a terrible problem with sexual abuse of little ones.
        Also crime rates are high and there is definitely a feeling of being a barricaded socoety,
        Living behind locked doors. People growing up in that atmosphere are likely to be in a state of hypervigilance
        I think.
        Its interesting to on the possile influence of culture on interpreting what is trauma. In SA we are pretty patriarchal,
        Elders and collective identity is still predominant. Elders are still important I mean, yet there are a lot of child-headed
        Homes – kids orphaned by AIDS/ abandonment and so on.
        There’s a lot of NGOs non-governmental organisations – who, I hope will
        Continue to find ways to help these kids even in these tough economic times.
        Thanks for that.

        • So much healing needed in the world – !! Prayers of all kinds needed everywhere! many blessings sent your way! with love, L

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