Everyone’s life is a journey, both in this world and in all the world’s God has created for eternity – or so do I believe.  Yet even if a person’s belief is that this time around is the ONLY time around, I can’t think of a better thing to do that to always try to stay on the side of our own healing, the healing of everyone else, and the healing of our planet.

Healing is growth.  Growth is healing.  To me, these two words are really identical in their meaning, progress and desired results!

Given that severe trauma, including severe trauma through abuse in infancy and childhood, happens within environments that are cut off from the power of love, growth and healing — it becomes survivors to find ways to establish healthy connections.  Trauma environments are cut off from ‘safe and secure attachments’ not only to self, to other family members, but also to quality happy and healthy relationships with people outside of the family and individual.

I am at a new level in my own growth in terms of finding what kinds of connections work for me!


In my last post, +LINK TO TIME MAGAZINE’S GREAT ARTICLE ON INTROVERTS, I mentioned my thought about being a person who is naturally on the side of introversion might not be a person who would be prone to abuse anyone.

Here are three posts on this blog that present some thoughts about what Dr. McEwen calls “The Dove” and “The Hawk” natures of people on the extreme ends of a continuum of personality/trait types.  I wonder about these things especially at times when I feel like PREY – compared to PREDATOR.

How are my natural inclinations as an introvert tied to my anxieties and fears of social connectedness — especially with — OH NO!  All those extroverts ‘out there’?  (Remember, my severely abusive mother was an extrovert, and my severely introverted father was her perfect enabler!)

What is the balance?


Before I continue, here are some links to related info:

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Regular blog readers know that a few weeks ago I posted about my decision to try to find some kind of local outside healing assistance that I could work on my very small budget to afford.  I contacted a massage therapist in a town 30 miles away, and was ‘stood up’ for the initial telephone call that was arranged.

I was very disappointed.  It took a lot of courage for me to make this decision.  It involved a risk.  It involved my complex trust ‘issues’.  Stood up?  An absolute NO GO in THAT direction.

Then I became inspired to search out another option — found one right here in my area — have attended sessions twice now — and am immensely pleased!

See:  here’s Nick


his webpage



One of the MAJOR healing concerns and difficulties I have faced for well over 40 years is my cigarette smoking and my IMMENSE difficulty in quitting.

Yesterday as I mentioned this to Nick he responded that a woman was about to enter the lobby room door who is highly skilled in working this my ‘issue’.  Sure enough, she appeared —

See:  here’s Sylvia the hypnosis lady

I am planning to join her upcoming group which starts in town here  6:30 pm, Tuesday, Feb. 23rd, and runs every 2 weeks for $20 per group – 9 groups (or $150 for all 9 groups!)

Cool!  Wow!


I am feeling better.  Readers of this blog have also followed me these past weeks and months through a pretty heavy duty depression crash.  I really believe, and am extremely hopeful and grateful, that I am emerging.

But I am different.  In some ways healing/growth is, to me, always about a kind of re-creation — being made anew – healthier and happier!

I greatly believe in prayer as the most important tool we have as a resource.  No matter what a person believes about God — there is only ONE GOD — the Creator of all life and a Great Mystery that none of us will ever fully be able to understand.

God loves us!  I have heard that phrase a billion times in my life.  Why it is finally ONLY now at my age 60 that I am beginning to unthaw my resistance to BELIEVING these simple words — I do not know.

But in any case, every day I do my best to accomplish my 45 minute walk.  I have a house that is open all the way through, so I walk inside along this loop with Pandora music to pep my step.

I started months ago to devoting my mental efforts as best I can during this 45 minutes to exercising my heart/soul, as well.  Here are the four prayers that I use.  When my thoughts begin to take back over my mind, I turn myself gently into the direction of the healing winds of these prayers.  And I believe these new COMMUNITY connected healing steps I am being guided to take now – as I am becoming WILLING to take them — are God’s response to my walking prayers.


The Lord’s Prayer, the only prayer left recorded from Jesus Christ, would be a wonderful prayer to use as a walking prayer.

There are all kinds of prayers, from every religious and spiritual way of being in the world that can be used to focus the mind and heart – to exercise the soul and the same time as the body is getting its exercise!

These are the ones I am using – and I am so grateful for God’s mercy and grace!  None of us would be here, nothing would have been created, and certainly nothing good would happen if God did not exist – however we each experience that connection to reality!!


In the booklet “Poor in all Save God” (page 28, printed in the US) it is suggested that the following two phrases by Bahá’u’lláh are said 19 times each day:

He who puts his trust in God, God will suffice him.   He who fears God, God will send him relief.”


Is there any Remover of difficulties save God? Say: Praised be God! He is God! All are His servants and all abide by His bidding!”

From:  Selections From the Writings of the Bab, Page 217


O God, my God! Look not upon my hopes and my doings, nay rather look upon Thy will that hath encompassed the heavens and the earth. By Thy Most Great Name, O Thou Lord of all nations! I have desired only what Thou didst desire, and love only what Thou dost love.”

From:  Prayers and Meditations by Baha’u’llah, Pages 317-323: 318


Thy name is my healing, O my God, and remembrance of Thee is my remedy. Nearness to Thee is my hope, and love for Thee is my companion. Thy mercy to me is my healing and my succor in both this world and the world to come. Thou, verily, art the All-Bountiful, the All-Knowing, the All-Wise.” – by Baha’u’llah

From:  Baha’i Prayers: A Selection of Prayers Revealed by Baha’u’llah, the Bab, and `Abdu’l-Baha, Page 87


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  1. Wow, alchemynow, those prayers are beautiful. I love the Lord’s prayer – it keeps me on track and centred. I also love the Lord is my Shepherd.
    I came across people of Bahai faith few years ago. They had special ‘chill out’ times and would drape the room we met in and played music, had
    readings. It was very relaxing. I have been trying Emotional Freedom Technique (eft) – not sure if I’ve mentioned it. It helps a lot to do something
    For our bodies. I really will think of u and pray for your new therapies.
    I appreciate u sharing all this with us – I’m starting to look outwards again and will be indulging in a beginners class of line dancing next week!
    I thought u all may like to hear that!
    I am very happy for u that u are coming out of the depression. Its such a miracle isn’t it? I feel a fragile betterness and lightness just recently. Its
    Such a relief and I feel so grateful for just enjoying small things previously taken for granted.
    Just shows how deep the depressive slump can be.
    Take care and enjoy the new meetings and hypnosis therapy. Sounds intriguing.
    – lots of new things to learn. X

    • So good to hear from you, Gingercat! I am writing the melody for my dancing song – I hope you have a fantastic time at your class!!! Life does go in cycles – we do too sometimes, it seems! Trying to keep our spiritual center positive and stable helps with all the rest that goes on in our complicated lives!! Wishing you the BEST with love!! Linda – alchemynow

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