6 foot and growing, needs very little water! I killed the other 3 by watering too much
Cosmos - there's an apple tree growing in there, too
Just fall.....
Flock - just laying - with my extremely NOISY rooster
Just green.......
Just flowers.....
Medium Pompas Grass - froze to the nibs last winter, is doing fine
Nearly Wild Rose
Rose yellow
Back garden, dying organic tomato vines, too many bugs = home to newly born rattlesnake
West fence
Yellow bells
Space mushroom - 5" across and growing



    • Thank you for visiting the garden! I often think about how I have been on the run all my adult life – and how having the garden now and the life within it that will die without my care has settled me down – like an anchor.

      When I ever think about leaving here — tied as I now see to my reactive insecure attachment disorder – like thinking I’ll run away to Canada if that nation passes a law against anyone including parents hitting-‘spanking’ their children — my choice settles back down to my desire not to abandon my plants!

      As many severe abuse and trauma survivors do, I sometimes struggle with how difficult it is to LIKE being alive in a body. It is hard to CHOOSE LIFE – on a deep level. The garden presents me with an externalized way to think/feel about this. Would I CHOOSE to walk away (unless I had to) from the garden and let it die?

      There is still one last section of the yard I need to ‘fix’ – it will be interesting to see when/how I get around to that. There is a lot of money in the yard – every extra cent I could find over two years. I don’t want to spend the $300 or so to finish this last corner. Will see!!

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