+CIRCLES OF SEARCHING – and the need for humor and more patience!


Friday, March 17, 2017.  I HAVE to chuckle.  Define “have to?”  What will be will be.  Don’t fight the river.  Or – simply – WHATEVER happens HAPPENS!

I just had a lovely conversation with a woman at the city’s park office about use of the pavilions at Penny Park (see previous post, and the one before it!) for this fun family free art project.  Green light GO?

Nope!  Red light!

It would take quite of bit of money to reserve that pavilion space – or try using it without reserving it only to be tossed out with art supplies onto the wood chips by those who DO put down the $100 deposit and buy insurance for a day’s use.

Even the employee of the city park office had NO IDEA where the Market Cafe where the free venue offer exist connected to the food co-op even IS!!!!

Makes me think of “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.”  If someone needs a horse, and someone GIVES that person a horse, who cares what those teeth inside the mouth of that gift horse might actually have to say about the health and age of said horse!

Get on that pony and RIDE!  Or at least grab it by the mane and gratefully walk beside it, even at a very slow time-stopping pace, on down the road!!


So.  Those circles of our lives never do actually STOP.  All the circles and cycles are completely connected.  We are living an organic life in an organic world where variability and variety are the forces of nature!

I have asked and asked around town and there really does not seem to be a perfect place.  This small nice park across the street from me to the east has two tables with coverings and would NOT need deposit, reservations or purchase of insurance.  But there is no water source and no access to restrooms.  (Penny Park has both.)

The Market Cafe will let me open the back door so we could get water out of their hose.  There are public restrooms a block away.

The park pavilions would not protect against wind as it might LOVE to frolic and remove from said artists ANY shred of paper and cardboard not weighted down for dear life.  A big potential hazard to fun creative activities.

SO…..  I am back to my playful ponderings about the future of this project!  Proof is in the pudding.  Eventually!


Oh.  I forgot to mention that within my conversations with town people this week was information that the county this town is a part of has the highest unemployment rate in the nation; that 50% of families are single parent households (no one cohabitating, either = just alone parents); that no parents will be able to come to any fun event with their children ’cause they are all working 2-3 jobs (this person, a 44-year-old native of this town, single mother of 3, LAUGHED at my idea as she told me THIS fact); and that 50% of the families in this town are at the poverty line.


One Global Family Little School of Creative Living – Una Familia Global Pequeña Escuela de Vida Creativa

A community drop-in creative space for fun activity where everyone is a teacher!

Dedicated to —

Encouraging, supporting & showcasing the talents of children, youth, their families & friends – in arts & crafts, photography & video, music & dance, writing & poetry, storytelling, drama & public speaking, sewing & fiber arts, cooking & gardening — along with leadership & service to others & the world — plus MORE!

FREE – ALL ages welcome!
– (young children must be with responsible caregiver)
– basic art supplies provided 
– Volunteer assistants and donations of and for creative supplies warmly appreciated!

To be held Sundays beginning May 7, 2017 from 11:30 to 2:30 pm in the Community Room at the Market Cafe

(blue building, 614 N. Bullard St., corner of Bullard and 7th near where the Tamal Fiesta Y Más is held in the fall)

Funded through caring about and sharing with one another, including the very kind donation without cost of the Market Cafe Community Room for this project!  Thank you!

FaceBook page:  One Global Family Little School of Creative Living

Creative process facilitated by Linda Danielson, MA, Art Education, UNM Albuquerque (1991), Nationally Registered Art Therapist


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