+HOW MANY OF US ARE THERE? AT THIS SECOND — 7,310,820, 913 and counting


Sunday, April 26, 2015.  I am reminding myself today of the essential purity of life.  No less than what exists within a single seed the essential self of a human being is alive with this essential purity at all times – and I believe – forever.

This website gives an impressive accounting of the instant-by-instant state of our global population’s ebb and flow.  Take a look!  CURRENT WORLD POPULATION

As I post this, at THIS exact second, this is our global population – 7,310,819,409

What number do YOU see?  The increases are instantaneous.  Where are we all going?  Is there some bigger REASON we are all HERE?

WHO are we, really?  More than most of us think we are, I am quite certain.

How many of these people are suffering at this instant?  How many of us are whole, healthy, happy?

How long will suffering continue?  How will we, as a species, choose to end this suffering?

How perfect we are in our essential essence.  How many of us think of our Creator during the moments of our days and nights?  It matters not in the big picture exactly how any of us conceptualize this Creator.  There is only one of them.  The One Who loves us and allows us to remain here in our fragile bodies just for the briefest amount of time – to LEARN things we need to know.

Each one of us.  On our own path.  With our own journey, our own questions, seeking for our own solutions.

Oh, my!  I wrote these words – and – now — there are already 7,310,820,190 of us HERE!?!?!

And – now — 7,310,820, 313

By accident or by design?

We WILL get HERE — individually and globally:  UNIVERSAL PEACE


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