Sunday, August 31, 2014.  Today is my 63rd birthday.  Shaped and molded.  I am still here upon this glorious earth.  Of what do I speak?  So few moments in my lifetime have I felt content with myself.  I am a true, true Virgo.

My dear friend left me a birthday gift last week before she left on a week’s tour of Sweden.  In the package I just found a kit to make and remake a kaleidoscope!  Many different kinds of colorful small bits and pieces that put together and within a container will allow me to see infinite collections of beauty.

Forty-three years after our first meeting – and I feel so perfectly known and loved by her.  Thank you!

Later today I will show my 4-year-old grandson my gift and we will make our arrangements together.


I ponder these words today:  “‘Does not the child succumb in the youth and the youth in the man; yet neither child nor youth perishes?’”

What do any of us really know about who we are?  What do I know about who I am?  It feels like I KNOW nothing.  I am woven together of questions.

Yet I am most grateful in my life that I seem to have been born with a spiritual awareness that does not leave me.


I have viewed all I can see so far of my life.  Backward in time.  I never see my own future.  Not a glimpse.  Not even an imagination of it.  It seems that because I have been alive this long I might be able to more clearly see my own patterns of reactions and choices so that I could begin to place myself within the context of my own life.

As I reach within for my own words I only find myself becoming quieter and quieter inside.


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