Wednesday, January 15, 2014.  I could have titled this post “IN DEFENCE OF A PROPOSITION.”  I flew some of my thoughts about questions I would pose to WordPress technical support about the growing needs of my writing efforts to my lovely and brilliant daughter who is my partner in the book publishing process.  This morning I found in my email box what she offered back to me in her thoughts which only make me more certain that at this point I need to clarify further what I am sensing.  Here are her concerns thus far:


Enjoyed soup tonight – thank you!
I’m digesting your suggestions – not totally getting the strategy yet. Think 2 blogs could be very difficult and want to capitalize on readership of stop the storm. I think that title is more compelling and meaningful than others you are suggesting for new one – so just have to say we need some more thought as things aren’t resonating for me yet
Perhaps first question to WordPress is to see if converting blog you have to a version that allows these other things is as problematic as you are thinking it would be.
The image that immediately came to mind for me was that Stop the Storm is like a kitchen with cupboards stuffed with all the ingredients needed to cook up thousands of fantastic meals!  I want a new blog that allows me to pick and chose what goes on it just as I would select ingredients from my cupboards to create a delicious meal for honored guests.
Not, certainly, meaning that guests on Stop the Storm aren’t honored!  Oh yes you are!  BUT!!  Stop the Storm has operated for nearly five years through a pattern of search-and-find-it.  The next stages of our writing ventures will include giving specific directions about how to find information connected to the books themselves.
Knowing me that new blog meal would no doubt grow to include a potluck – which is what blogging is created to accomplish – as other people begin to contribute their concerns and solutions on those pages.  Perhaps a big rambling buffet would emerge that could become a Smörgåsbord of possibilities for solutions related to ending infant and child abuse and neglect in America AND the Trauma Altered Development it creates.
What I do know is that I am getting older and probably a great deal more realistic about what concerns me as time goes by.  The 2013 UNICEF report on the status of children’s well-being in the 29 richest countries on earth did nothing to make me want to applaud America for its efforts on behalf of it’s offspring.  The concept and wish of Stop the Storm to accomplish something useful toward “the healing of traumas so that we don’t pass them down to future generations” can keep on rolling right along with a second blog approach that focuses very specifically on what is most important to me:  Trauma Altered Development (TAD).
I doubt there is ever anything catchy about a triple Virgo person loaded up in the 12th house such as I am.  I don’t care about the numbers of readers who find their way to anything I write although of course income from published books would be a great advantage in many ways.  I care that people find information that can help them understand themselves and others in the world better.  I care that this information helps to give them healing and peace.
It encourages me in my work to see that people find and appreciate what I am trying to convey.  My guess is that with the amazing generosity of WordPress hosting of this blog, which is currently at only 40% of the free space provided for it, that Stop the Storm easily contains 40,000 double-space “regular” pages — or more.  That is a LOT of information for a reader of any book we publish to find themselves in the middle of once they discover this blog!
I can do better for and be kinder to new readers who arrive on my blog by my direct invitation.
So the bottom line might just be that I am finding I WANT a new blog!  This is not quite to the level of NEEDING a new one, but I am moving in that direction as I think that readers might need a new blog from me.  I am not going to sharpen my very worn hatchet to begin chopping hunks of information from Stop the Storm.  I can sculpt something different that stands for my sharpened sense of what is going on specifically about how early infant and child abuse changes the physiological development of the body survivors have no choice but to live in and with for their lifespan.
Again with my Virgoesqueness I am not big on fluff or glitz.  There are probably billions of webpages available that shovel out enough of what entertains.  I am after what elucidates the unnecessary suffering of our most vulnerable, precious and dependent resource:  Our babies.  We must connect these concerns to safe and secure versus unsafe and insecure attachment and to the lifetime of difficulty early trauma inflicts upon its victims.
This is no entertaining matter!  It is a matter of life and death.  This fact does make the subject matter weighty and I see nothing amiss in creating a blog with a rather Saturian title that states exactly what it means.  While I do not wish to intimidate potential readers I do want to give them the comfort of finding the truth at the destination I provide for them.
Both blogs will be available and accessible.  I know already that StoptheStorm.com is not available.  A “tiny URL” can probably be created for this blog but I see no problem whatsoever with leaving WordPress as a part of this blog’s web address.  They are providing a TERRIFIC free service in a world where greed has become a national disease.  At best half the world stuffs itself while the other half suffers and dies of privation.
Cudos to WordPress — and THANK YOU!
I would be happy to support a consortium (defined as an agreement, combination, or group (as of companies) formed to undertake an enterprise beyond the resources of any one member) toward ending Trauma Altered Development on that new blog.
This means that as our book writing venture unfolds we are left with what to do with the Lloyd family’s great Alaskan mountain homesteading saga as described in Mother’s diaries and letters.  I cannot make myself worry a great deal about this part of “the plan.” 
I do not believe Mother’s move from Los Angeles to Alaska in 1957 or her decision to stake claim to 160 acres “in heaven” would ever have happened if she had not split her reality because of her mental illness so that she could place her bad-self — projected onto the person of me — into her personal, absolute HELL (down below) as she kept me there through abuse and torture while she went after the high side of her madness.
It is what might have contributed to Mother acquiring her mental illness in the first place that concerns me.  The part our family played in the last stages of American homesteading history?  Those 7 volumes of Mother’s writings are resource material for an exploration into Borderline Personality Disorder with psychosis from inside the person who had it.  To me, the entire story with my part included is about Trauma Altered Development caused by infant and child abuse and neglect.
The fascinating interplay between risk and resiliency factors in “our story” — within any life story — intrigues me.  Mother had gifts.  She also had a terrible illness.  Putting the pieces of a trauma story together means that all pieces — “good” and “bad” — must be presented fairly.  But I am not interested in blogging about Mother’s life from her point of view!  Oh, BLECH!
I am willing to publish her entire collection of writings in HER series without my commentary.  When it comes to MY side of her mountain I DO have a lot to say and what I say is about how she was allowed to create Trauma Altered Development within me.
Maybe some day down the road we will have money to pay someone to create a static webpage to present the books.  Before that happens I want to be a part of a continued creative, organic process that brings to light and to life through “our story” the  reality of what early trauma can do to change the course of lives.
I continue to believe that Borderline Pesonality Disorder (BPD) present in mothers creates the most dangerous environment within which severe child abuse is LIKELY to occur in one way or another.  I have already witnessed on this blog the degree of toxic hatred that my beliefs can attract from people who are victims of this illness.  I fully intend to protect myself and my blog space from words that convey a hatred that only a victim of abuse by a BPD person is likely to comprehend. 
I cannot prevent those comments from appearing on Amazon.com’s book comment sections.  So be it.  Freedom of speech is fine with me but I will NEVER read those comments.


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