Life is a process.  I just wrote off a few emails to my middle daughter who may well be approaching a new dawn in her life where a major career decision will be made.  This decision when made will determine much of the course of the rest of her life.

After I wrote my last post I had one of those ‘inner visions’ that come to me as images (I know deeply rooted in my body as they come into my awareness through my right brain hemisphere) of how I see all of us in our lives — myself and my children and my grandchildren included.

We are all part of familial spiritual legacies.  I believe our DNA carries spiritual evolution of family lines just as it carries all the other information we need to interact with and adapt to this life we live.

It happens that I accidentally discovered that on the forgotten side of my mother’s family there is a history that fascinates me.  Because Mother’s parents divorced when she was five, and because that divorce (and probably the marriage, as well) was consumed with such hatred and bitterness my maternal grandfather’s side of the family was disowned.

It turns out that my mother’s father’s parents — one of Scottish heritage and the other of French — were registered Unitarians when they arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada by 1844.  That is RARE!  I know it is!

It might be equally rare that I, as one of their physical/spiritual descendants, understands the significance of that fact and is THRILLED by it!!

I won’t go into detail here about the meanings of this spiritual legacy that I am a part of, that traces directly through those ancestors, but I will say that my middle daughter, Ramona (who will be the editor for our series of books), is (I believe) directly in the flow of our familial spiritual legacy.

Going back to the idea-image I mentioned above:  I see that each human being occupies a small stretch of water on an ever-flowing river.  We each flow along, travel over and around rocks and sticks and branches, view our own piece of the scenery along the banks of the river — until we reach our own end of time in our body and move on.

Sometimes when we approach certain points in the river we are a part of major decisions get made!  I personally believe that asking for spiritual assistance, protection, guidance (and yes, forgiveness) makes our journey a whole lot better in every possible way!  Our life and our experience of our life can feel much more complicated when we approach those major decision points along our flowing river journey.  That is OK!  How could it be otherwise!

But as I told my daughter, I believe that our American society, and in fact most societies on earth, are very immature and unhealthy right now.  We do not, as a species, have ourselves “sorted out” correctly.  Humans are designed to happily share live together in a sharing, caring, giving, cooperative way.  That is what our physiological potential is designed for.

Trauma, of course, early in our lives (and later) can change our physiological development which means we end up on the stress/distress competitive end of our potential.  Trying to especially make career decisions in such a competitive (resource greedy and unreplenishing, unsustainable) environment can be very difficult.

We need to settle down, calm and sooth ourselves as best we can (an action very difficult for early severe trauma survivors but not impossible) so that our inner self connected to our SOUL can guide us!  We need to discourse with our true self — not compare ourselves to others in a sick world that are as lost as lost can be — and worse yet — have no clue this is so.

Integrity is everything to me.  I believe in truth, rightness and goodness.  I believe all of us can move closer to this angle of flow down the river of our life.  It’s worth the effort!


Which reminds me, I am going to ‘study’ this image in its journey toward expression for a while:

abuser 5 outside

The abuser for cover of Story Without Words

Ramona mentioned to me yesterday how fitting it is that I am creating this cover work.  As a nationally registered art therapist it is natural that I do so.

Visual arts require the interaction of light.  Because the scene I am creating will of course need to be photographed I need to consider very closely how light will interact with the objects in the scene being created.

When it comes to my image of the abuser in this piece – do I want light to reflect off of this figure as happens with a gloss Mod Podge finish?  Or do I need to find some matte finish for it, something that is difficult for me because I can’t get to stores where I can buy such a product.  I can order it online.  Do I need to?  Do I want to?  (The abuser will be holding a belt with a buckle on the end of it in its right hand.)

Child abusers to absorb massive amounts of light out of the life of their victims.  My guess is that matte finish will give me what my heart sees better than a gloss finish will.  Outdoor natural lighting will be much better for the photograph, as well.

But abusers can never absorb all of the light out of a child’s life — the light is a part of the child!  But children need things — and with abuse present they are simply WITHOUT what they need to grow and develop optimally for an optimal world.  (See information in previous post: +A REAL KEEPER OF A TRAUMA HEALING WEBSITE!)

And, speaking of outdoor – the humble Snapdragon in bloom!



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