Here is an angle of the tissue paper studio – for making things out of wire, plastic grocery bags and wadded paper wrapped with masking tape, mod podge and tissue added!

tissue studio

The swing dancers

042613 jered art 1

All by himself….

042613 jered art 2

042613 jered art 3

Ah – but – SHE HAS ARRIVED!  Let the dancing begin!

042613 jered art bri 1

042613 jered art bri 2


042613 jered art bri 3

042613 jered art bri 4

042613 jered art bri 5

My son’s talented and can paint on facial details if wanted – not my thing!  Just fun to make on my book writing break!  Am beginning to see ideas for lots of people I love!  This could become a smile-full happy habit!


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